Friday, 30 September 2016

10. Artificial Yields

Dear visitor of the Dutch lake house,

As I noticed (and you have probably found the same) there are a lot (and a lot, and a lot) of blogs out there that keep track of their dividends. Now what I found out is that quite a few of my fellow dividend-chasers are making use of Google spreadsheets-input values based on XIRR functions. Apparently.  Now I know quite a bit of excel and alikes but my portfolio is not that big that data can not be kept up to date manually.

In other words, I love counting money (either digital or in real time).

Moving back to XIRR, I do not have all information on this, but the way I would like to build the information around my chaser of dividend income is Absolute figures. Meaning: only add up what actually ends up in my bank account. Hence, I will focus on figures after taxes (but still will keep track of taxes paid in order to see that difference). Although I love to pay taxes.

While working on my monthly update sheet for dividends, it sprung to mind that there is quite a few dividends paid already this year. Counting from January 2016, there’s 70 smaller and bigger moments of pure non-working-but-got-paid joy. Happy days.

Above all this, the Google spreadsheets turn out to be a great tool. Again!

That’s all for tonight!

Hope you stay tuned, and see you later!

The Dutch lake house

Thursday, 29 September 2016

9. Dividend logging blogging

Hi again! Welcome to the 9th post at this blog.
I’m starting from complete scratch with this hobby of tracking dividends and pushing existing portfolio yield to a next level. It is for this reason that I have also been looking at others in whose footsteps I’m following now. Inventing a wheel isn’t new. Similar is inventing a dividend log sheet. Seen that the sheet I have been keeping up for the last years is far from perfect (I do not even dare to go as far and show it in here).

So as from 2013 I more or less started to track the dividends in a more structured way. Little did I know at that moment that this was going to be so much fun later on. And earn me so much money in the same sentence!

Had I thought of this before, I would better have done my homework and searched google for a decent format in the first place.

So that is what I have done here. What I came across was really inspiring.

Apparently loads and loads of people are (like me) in a similar position: on the lookout for additional income. Not surprising is that we’re (I count us as a group of people) from all over the world. For instance there’s this guy from Finland who is making use of the same strategy as I am: the nice and free Blogspot. After a few more posts I will have to start working on cosmetics more, now that I found on his blog what further tastes there are with this programme. Other than just light and dark grey (Today is September 29th and I sincerely appologize for the looks of this site!).

I’m not entirely sure whether I have the same goals as DH but it is great to see colleagues at work! Especially  when reading successes like that,
The other thing I found is a great tool for creating a visualisation of current performance of the portfolio. “Analogue” meters. I’m not going to repeat the how-to. I’m only going to use that tool.

Yes, I also started to make use of hyperlinks to other peoples blogs / websites. Please note that I have no connections with them whatsoever. I have come across their pages and thought they were mention worthy. Nothing more, nothing less. Might be that I hope to get some Karmaish goes around, comes around. Especially that last part. Be it that the comes around may also be at a later stage (when this blog has become a bit more mature).

Great! Have just succeeded to make one of those graphs for my dividend tracker. Still use the old data I have to practice.. I have to manually insert all dividend payouts because the download function of the program I use refuses to download all data available. For some reason it selects (OK the main components Name, amount of shares and total dividend paid out) only half of what is available when I look a bit closer. So. Today I also made the decision to only go back till January 2016. From here on I will only look forward (and 1 week, month or year behind).

Thanks for reading again and have an awesome day.

The Dutch lake house

Thursday, 22 September 2016

8. Stock dividends

Where earlier I have introduced my plans for keeping track of the dividend stocks that pay out a sum per share. There’s also a few golden stocks in my portfolio generating new shares over time. These do not really fit into the format as I want to display, so another one is to be found.

One prime example of these shares is Royal Dutch Shell. From stock exchange perspective it’s an example of a decent+ performance. Therefore I will not go further into details on any moral or immoral battles to be fought internally before joining the great lot of RDS share owners.  

Back to dividends, RDS (graph of past 10 years performance to be found here) sells for around 21 EUR and has a history of dividends yielding +5% in quarterly scheme. Which is fairly huge in Europe for a company that size. Have you seen the market capitalization? 176.888B is significant in my opinion. (Hint: hover above the tems you don’t know and Google will tell you what is meant. Great stuff.)

Because all stock dividends are returned into the portfolio immediately they are accounted for automatically with the next dividend date. Resulting in more or less the following graph:

Well, this may look like an explosion but actually I’ve calculated my current RDS shares till the year 2080…

Also, this graph does not care about any decisions of the company. They may well decide to cut or even quit dividends. Not many people will like it, but I don’t have the illusion that they can’t or won’t. Should circumstances require so this quarter-yearly-party will come to full shrieking stop. Hence, I don’t bet at this single horse in particular. Not even taken into account the business they’re in: O&G are way from back in the green (no golf terms here, also not talking about renewables, The green is the production levels (and maybe also public opinions) leaving an instable time for RDS.

At least, I presented the third way of keeping track of my dividend portfolio: the stock dividends. This adds up to:
1: USD listings
2: EUR listings
3: Stock dividends (USD / EUR mix)

Having been around on the AEX for some years now: the (apparently widely known) saying Never sell Shell is awfully true (most of the time).

Thanks for reading, maybe sharing or pointing my search out to friends (who might have been stuck around with the same idea to blog about this hobby of making money with money).

With kind regards,

The Dutch lake house.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7. Monthly reporting structure

For displaying a monthly update of performance of my DT Portfolio (like the metaphore for a growing business? Not corny at all right? ).

What I would like to see in the monthly overview is:
  1. The development of total dividend paying stocks (in absolute value);
  2. Monthly dividends per stock;
  3. Monthly dividend total;
  4. Graphics showing current months performance against previous values;
  5. Purchases and Let-go’s;
  6. Statement of added investments (which will be very likely to remain 0$ for lengths of time).
  7. All values to be noted in before and after tax.

Although I’m not sure about #7. are we interested in those figures? In the end, it’s about the $ actually arriving at my account right? Well, for operational day-by-day the after tax value suffices. However,  since this information is available, we’d propably do best to still include  in the source datasheet being the backbone of the monthly report.

Off course the above is to be presented in the crisp, clean and free graph display tool of Google docs. More importantly, the development over time is of particular interest because there are goals to be met.

Main painpoint in the full overview is the combination of different currencies. Where my current bank account gives the opportunity to work in both USD as well as EURO I have decided to keep these separately monitored too. Just because it’s easier for me.

As it stands now: theres 3 graphs that should give an automatic view on performance per share and overall progress into the earlier set objectives.

Graph 1: breakdown of  monthly performance per share. Similar to:

Graph 2: Comparison between all year performance of all years that I’m working on this project. This will be presented as a line diagram like:
What I am not sure about yet in this graph type is whether or not to put in thresholds. E.g. put in the yearly benchmarks?

Graph 3: To monitor the yearly performance of my investments a comparison is to be made between the total dividend income per year (after taxes, I’m only interested in the netto figures)and the total value of the shares. I presume it is safe to call this the yield of my investment? In a formula: total dividend income/total value of shares @ start of year. Will probably be another line graph (purpously not another graph as example in here). To establish whether there is any development in this figure will be very interesting!

Next thing to do is to actually make the sheet. For that I need data, lots of data (my preferred style is all-or-nothing). Where the download button on my account overview gives only a selection of details a lot is to be copied manually. That will keep me busy for the next days. Lucky me I’ve been working on this since 2013 and kept track of payments in a very different format!

No worries, life is good, BabyJ is a treat and Mrs.TDlh is still georgeous and sweet.

Keep you posted,

From the Dutch lake house

Monday, 19 September 2016

6. Selection Procedure

Investing is an odd ball in picking hobbies. My viewpoint may be a bit different than that of others, but please keep reading. Where hobbies typically make a person’s life comfortable by a mixture of exercise and relaxation my hobby of chasing stocks has (not yet) lead to relaxation in any form… hopefully soon to change!

So, there’s shares and shares. From first observation most look alike (especially when using the website (furtheron to be addressed as GF, not to be mistaken bij GirlFriend, She’s become my wife AKA Mrs. The Dutch lake house). Now say hardly any data is filled in on these pages, one might assume the intern just forgotten to press the save button. Or do we have air-raid-alike-alarms blasting off? Again here, Google is my friend. A quick search for news facts or general messages about the company usually already flag up any out-of-the-ordinaries.  

Almost every self-respecting company that is traded publicly is presented by a personal website these days. Beautiful internet. Shiny pages full of green fields, unicorns and rainbows. Some also include a grey page containing the year results for the company. To be honest, they’re like the terms and agreements of about every app you download and install: “you scroll through them, nod, sigh, okay let’s go”.

Because of my daily occupation I can read quite a few lines of legal text. however, I’m doing that between 8 and 5, and now ALSO after office hours? Talking about getting square shaped eyes. For this reason, I usually speculate on public sentiment, how did the company perform in the recent past and do I foresee any interesting possibilities? One might also call this gambling, but still my personal feeling is that my control is not completely gone. Once the money’s in, and the shareprices take a dive it’s usually not all at once that is gone.

Well. For now that’s that, I’m off working on number 7!

People might underestimate starting up a blog, it ain’t easy to keep on track and stay focused. Just a moment ago I drove down the freeway making my way back from work overthinking: “what if I start discussing cars!” when a Opel Mokka drove past. In all honesty, I like the design on that car, even though I drive a Juke myself. And my knowledge of cars in general is not really bloggable.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope you’ll return!

Have a great day,

The Dutch lake house

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

5. Past performance

Hi and hopefully welcome back to The Dutch lake house.

Currently I’m still on the lookout for the optimal way to monitor the monthly dividend harvest. As to find on my dividend blog of last time realistic and comparable values are only available dating back from 2014. A great feature for Scroog-a-likes like me is that the internet of things (looking at Google drive) allows for a huge round of values in spreadsheets. Leaving only 2 mouse clicks for creating slick and shiny graphs.

I often wonder how the earth spun when there was none of all of that. Even though I grew up in a tiny village where my family was, as I remember, one of the first to own a computer (and I remember using floppy disks, the 5.25 inch-ones). Off topic again.

Back to the graphs. Personally I very much prefer that simple but consistent style.
A comparison of monthly dividends as below shows that the absolute figures might still be reasonably high. Nevertheless, the Quarterly Big Bangs seem to be decreasing in Bangness. This requires immediate action. Without posting this on the blog, I would not even have noticed that it was this obvious.

Furthermore to this graph: it seems as if one ex dividend date has shifted a month. February of 2016 seems to have hit a all time high. Let’s zoom in on that later. The biggest shock to me is the overall fading of the spike amplitude.

Another item that is obvious from here: The monthly average. What I already posted in my objectives list: my goal is to meet a monthly $500 in dividends. With a bold average of $160 this means the goals is met at about a third already. Way to go.

Thanks for having joined me again in this evaluation of past dividend performance of my portfolio.

Hope you also have a wonderful day!

The Dutch lake house.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

4. objectives pt. 2

And it happened! #4 is a wrap (well, at the time of writing I’m still sweating on it).
Thinking out loud, here I hope to put some objectives (long shot, certainly not for 2016 completion). One might also call these wishes.

Since my last job switch I am in a fine place, and there’s no reason at all for me to be looking at other opportunities. But still, making some extra (legal) euros is cool right?

  1. Meet 30.000 in value on the stock market, (not taking into account any other balances).
  2. Make a monthly 500 in dividends.
  3. Meet above 2 without investing any additional €, only use what is currently available.
  4. Make a monthly 75 in adsense.

At the moment of writing, both number 2 as well as number 4 figures are astronomical when compared to what currently is brought in.

Furthermore, there is also goals in time-spent while chasing objectives.

  1. Make or find an easy spreadsheet for keeping track of dividend payments.
  2. Reduce time required for making adsense-content.  

Off course blogging is one of the items that is I hope to enroll on adsense one day to make an extra or €€. But there’s so many ways to create content on the internet that can be monetized later. The only investment you actually make is the laptop to write on and the camera to make movies.

However, this is not all. heaps and heaps of time I have wasted on:

  1. Reading blogs, websites, how-to’s, for dummies, etc. on how to make money on internet.
  2. Investigating what could be my niche or specialty that I could employ to make interesting content.
  3. What is going to be my platform.
  4. Am I going to sell something? A service? A product?
  5. Get distracted by looking at funny cat pictures and whatnot.

Where point 5 might be one of the examples for the lack of focus that I’ve noticed.

So, did I get anywhere near making sense tonight? It may be clear that the majority of my objectives will be personal finance.

Have a nice day!

The Dutch lake house

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

3. Why

For some reason, and already for quite some time. I have the tendency to undertake (read: start) a lot in too little time. This results in a low hit rate, like shooting blanks: a lot of noise, shouting, energy and bruises and when the smoke’s dilluted it’s as if nothing really happened. This blog together with the wish list that I introduced earlier will hopefully make that there’s a bit more focus in what is done (and when). Also, it might become a planning tool indicating open slots in the agenda leaving some family time.

As an illustration of the above, last year (2015) there was a moment where a clusterbomb of To-Do’s exploded right in my face. Without brainstorming for too long of a time, the following list is what came together in only months of time. We all know how fast months pass by.
What was going on:
  1. A regular daytime job;
  2. Keep an eye on stockmarkets in evening times;
  3. Install insulation in the attick and 1st floor of our House by the lake;
  4. Assist in planning a 3 week road trip through USA;
  5. Start on 2 Renewables courses (post graduate MSc level);
  6. Continuously brainstorming about new opportunities for my own business;
  7. Continuously on the lookout for a better professional position;
  8. Commence works to redecorate what was going to be a very special room in the House by the lake: We we’re going to be Mom and Dad next year!
Indeed, as we speak (or as I write…) I am looking at my son. Let’s call him babyJ, he’s far to young to appear on the internet.

Well, that didn’t take long to think of. I’m quite sure it’s not even all of what was going on. But there is a good reason for me not to dig any further. You’ll find out soon.

In all honesty, the instant I am typing here a class into the supply of sustainable energies is running. Yes, a next MSc subject. Anyone interested in a very simplified formula for photosynthesis? CO2(g) + H2O(l) + 467kJ = CH2O(s)+O2(g) just in case there’s that one lost soul raising a hand doubtfully. While watching around anxiously. While the rest of the class stares out of the window with bored hollow eyes.

Now, that is another introduction into the requirement for myself to start prioritising and making a list of by when what will be completed.

Thanks for your time again! I’m heading back to class!

With kind regards,

The Dutch lake house

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

2. Objectives

Let’s crack on, get down to business and hit the road. I am going to jot down some hard black-on-white and vice versa goals. To simplify monitoring levels of success, my goals have to be SMART (remember? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant &  Time-bound. Okay, to not make any silly mistakes I double checked Wikipedia too...). If you’re unsure on how to determine any SMARTness in your personal objectives: there’s probably heaps of For-dummies-ish books out there that can help you (paid and free of charge).

Moreover, it’s probably best if I keep to the point here.

In contrast to the HOW?? I feel it will add value in here to elaborate the WHY?? Of making your goals and milestones SMART. If you’re not interested, please feel free to scroll down to my G&M list.

Specific. This one’s about limits. I need clear boundaries otherwise it’s likely to bite off more than we can chew. Resulting in not making due dates. It’s my opinion not to use the word deadline since I’m not that dramatic. Usually. As long as we have ice cream for dessert.
Measurable. Making objectives specific is nice, but defining the finish line to a little less misty grey cloud also adds up to being sure whether or not we’re done and dusted.
Achievable. Stay realistic, I’d like to hit a six digit number in my bank account before end of the year. Okay, here you might say: “Wait up! Hold on! That A stands for Assignable right? Might be true. But since this is blog is mine, and I am drafting my personal objectives here it’s very unlikely someone else is going to chop my beans.
Relevant. Yeah, difficulty here. Let’s just say, these objectives all have to have in common that they have to make me and my family happy.
Time-bound. When a (preliminary and really raw version of a) schedule joins the goal it gives insight in by when this milestone can be expected to be met. Function mainly to keep from blow-offs.

Again, any input is valued. It might even make it to my wishlist of objectives that’ll be published shortly.

With kind regards from the Dutch Lake House.

1. About The Dutch lake house

Good day dear reader,

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blogspot.
For starters, this is my first and foremost post at a blog. Ever. All criticism is valued, but every now and again I appreciate a nice word (or two).

Please allow me to introduce myself in 6 keywords:

Entrepreneurotic startup-blogger

(Where I will not join in the yes-no-yes on the last one being actually 1 or 2 words)

These key descriptions are carefully picked / made up (if you like) and put in order of importance to me. Furthermore, I have put some of my main particulars in chronological order:

Born in 1989
First real job in 2003
Started brainstorming about owning my own business in 2004
Introduced to stockmarket in 2006
Graduated as Engineer in 2012
Married my awesome wife in 2015
Started distance learning courses for a Master degree in Renewable energies in 2016
Became a dad in 2016
Started a blog in 2016

What next?

Besides the aim of this blog to satisfy my exhibitionistic personality (ahum, not really, not in that sense…) I have set up a number of rules for myself with regards to writing:

  1. Informing. Posts in this blog are to be informative.
  2. Truth. All that is shared here is personal and thus reflects truth, MY truth. (Think of e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn images of 2 guys standing opposite each other, pointing at either the 6 or the 9 in their midst. Countless varieties of this have passed by)
  3. Milestones. Sharings and postings are not solely meant to serve for your amusement, having written them down marks personal goals and milestones to be met.

Keeping the above in mind, I have listed a range of target subjects that I would like to share my POV or experience on:

Stock investing, movie investing, starting a blog, dividends, renewable energy (solar panels and wind turbines) saving money & personal finance, goals, traveling, twitter, youtube, google, monetizing ideas, books, cars, pensions, innovations, being a dad, being a husband, personal fitness, gardening, grocery shopping, conspiracy theories, kids toys, facebook, etc. and yadi-yadi-ya.

Again, thanks for visiting and please leave a comment if you feel like contributing!

With kind regards from the Dutch Lake House.