Friday, 30 September 2016

10. Artificial Yields

Dear visitor of the Dutch lake house,

As I noticed (and you have probably found the same) there are a lot (and a lot, and a lot) of blogs out there that keep track of their dividends. Now what I found out is that quite a few of my fellow dividend-chasers are making use of Google spreadsheets-input values based on XIRR functions. Apparently.  Now I know quite a bit of excel and alikes but my portfolio is not that big that data can not be kept up to date manually.

In other words, I love counting money (either digital or in real time).

Moving back to XIRR, I do not have all information on this, but the way I would like to build the information around my chaser of dividend income is Absolute figures. Meaning: only add up what actually ends up in my bank account. Hence, I will focus on figures after taxes (but still will keep track of taxes paid in order to see that difference). Although I love to pay taxes.

While working on my monthly update sheet for dividends, it sprung to mind that there is quite a few dividends paid already this year. Counting from January 2016, there’s 70 smaller and bigger moments of pure non-working-but-got-paid joy. Happy days.

Above all this, the Google spreadsheets turn out to be a great tool. Again!

That’s all for tonight!

Hope you stay tuned, and see you later!

The Dutch lake house

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