Tuesday, 6 September 2016

2. Objectives

Let’s crack on, get down to business and hit the road. I am going to jot down some hard black-on-white and vice versa goals. To simplify monitoring levels of success, my goals have to be SMART (remember? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant &  Time-bound. Okay, to not make any silly mistakes I double checked Wikipedia too...). If you’re unsure on how to determine any SMARTness in your personal objectives: there’s probably heaps of For-dummies-ish books out there that can help you (paid and free of charge).

Moreover, it’s probably best if I keep to the point here.

In contrast to the HOW?? I feel it will add value in here to elaborate the WHY?? Of making your goals and milestones SMART. If you’re not interested, please feel free to scroll down to my G&M list.

Specific. This one’s about limits. I need clear boundaries otherwise it’s likely to bite off more than we can chew. Resulting in not making due dates. It’s my opinion not to use the word deadline since I’m not that dramatic. Usually. As long as we have ice cream for dessert.
Measurable. Making objectives specific is nice, but defining the finish line to a little less misty grey cloud also adds up to being sure whether or not we’re done and dusted.
Achievable. Stay realistic, I’d like to hit a six digit number in my bank account before end of the year. Okay, here you might say: “Wait up! Hold on! That A stands for Assignable right? Might be true. But since this is blog is mine, and I am drafting my personal objectives here it’s very unlikely someone else is going to chop my beans.
Relevant. Yeah, difficulty here. Let’s just say, these objectives all have to have in common that they have to make me and my family happy.
Time-bound. When a (preliminary and really raw version of a) schedule joins the goal it gives insight in by when this milestone can be expected to be met. Function mainly to keep from blow-offs.

Again, any input is valued. It might even make it to my wishlist of objectives that’ll be published shortly.

With kind regards from the Dutch Lake House.

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