Wednesday, 7 September 2016

3. Why

For some reason, and already for quite some time. I have the tendency to undertake (read: start) a lot in too little time. This results in a low hit rate, like shooting blanks: a lot of noise, shouting, energy and bruises and when the smoke’s dilluted it’s as if nothing really happened. This blog together with the wish list that I introduced earlier will hopefully make that there’s a bit more focus in what is done (and when). Also, it might become a planning tool indicating open slots in the agenda leaving some family time.

As an illustration of the above, last year (2015) there was a moment where a clusterbomb of To-Do’s exploded right in my face. Without brainstorming for too long of a time, the following list is what came together in only months of time. We all know how fast months pass by.
What was going on:
  1. A regular daytime job;
  2. Keep an eye on stockmarkets in evening times;
  3. Install insulation in the attick and 1st floor of our House by the lake;
  4. Assist in planning a 3 week road trip through USA;
  5. Start on 2 Renewables courses (post graduate MSc level);
  6. Continuously brainstorming about new opportunities for my own business;
  7. Continuously on the lookout for a better professional position;
  8. Commence works to redecorate what was going to be a very special room in the House by the lake: We we’re going to be Mom and Dad next year!
Indeed, as we speak (or as I write…) I am looking at my son. Let’s call him babyJ, he’s far to young to appear on the internet.

Well, that didn’t take long to think of. I’m quite sure it’s not even all of what was going on. But there is a good reason for me not to dig any further. You’ll find out soon.

In all honesty, the instant I am typing here a class into the supply of sustainable energies is running. Yes, a next MSc subject. Anyone interested in a very simplified formula for photosynthesis? CO2(g) + H2O(l) + 467kJ = CH2O(s)+O2(g) just in case there’s that one lost soul raising a hand doubtfully. While watching around anxiously. While the rest of the class stares out of the window with bored hollow eyes.

Now, that is another introduction into the requirement for myself to start prioritising and making a list of by when what will be completed.

Thanks for your time again! I’m heading back to class!

With kind regards,

The Dutch lake house

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