Saturday, 10 September 2016

4. objectives pt. 2

And it happened! #4 is a wrap (well, at the time of writing I’m still sweating on it).
Thinking out loud, here I hope to put some objectives (long shot, certainly not for 2016 completion). One might also call these wishes.

Since my last job switch I am in a fine place, and there’s no reason at all for me to be looking at other opportunities. But still, making some extra (legal) euros is cool right?

  1. Meet 30.000 in value on the stock market, (not taking into account any other balances).
  2. Make a monthly 500 in dividends.
  3. Meet above 2 without investing any additional €, only use what is currently available.
  4. Make a monthly 75 in adsense.

At the moment of writing, both number 2 as well as number 4 figures are astronomical when compared to what currently is brought in.

Furthermore, there is also goals in time-spent while chasing objectives.

  1. Make or find an easy spreadsheet for keeping track of dividend payments.
  2. Reduce time required for making adsense-content.  

Off course blogging is one of the items that is I hope to enroll on adsense one day to make an extra or €€. But there’s so many ways to create content on the internet that can be monetized later. The only investment you actually make is the laptop to write on and the camera to make movies.

However, this is not all. heaps and heaps of time I have wasted on:

  1. Reading blogs, websites, how-to’s, for dummies, etc. on how to make money on internet.
  2. Investigating what could be my niche or specialty that I could employ to make interesting content.
  3. What is going to be my platform.
  4. Am I going to sell something? A service? A product?
  5. Get distracted by looking at funny cat pictures and whatnot.

Where point 5 might be one of the examples for the lack of focus that I’ve noticed.

So, did I get anywhere near making sense tonight? It may be clear that the majority of my objectives will be personal finance.

Have a nice day!

The Dutch lake house

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