Tuesday, 13 September 2016

5. Past performance

Hi and hopefully welcome back to The Dutch lake house.

Currently I’m still on the lookout for the optimal way to monitor the monthly dividend harvest. As to find on my dividend blog of last time realistic and comparable values are only available dating back from 2014. A great feature for Scroog-a-likes like me is that the internet of things (looking at Google drive) allows for a huge round of values in spreadsheets. Leaving only 2 mouse clicks for creating slick and shiny graphs.

I often wonder how the earth spun when there was none of all of that. Even though I grew up in a tiny village where my family was, as I remember, one of the first to own a computer (and I remember using floppy disks, the 5.25 inch-ones). Off topic again.

Back to the graphs. Personally I very much prefer that simple but consistent style.
A comparison of monthly dividends as below shows that the absolute figures might still be reasonably high. Nevertheless, the Quarterly Big Bangs seem to be decreasing in Bangness. This requires immediate action. Without posting this on the blog, I would not even have noticed that it was this obvious.

Furthermore to this graph: it seems as if one ex dividend date has shifted a month. February of 2016 seems to have hit a all time high. Let’s zoom in on that later. The biggest shock to me is the overall fading of the spike amplitude.

Another item that is obvious from here: The monthly average. What I already posted in my objectives list: my goal is to meet a monthly $500 in dividends. With a bold average of $160 this means the goals is met at about a third already. Way to go.

Thanks for having joined me again in this evaluation of past dividend performance of my portfolio.

Hope you also have a wonderful day!

The Dutch lake house.

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