Monday, 19 September 2016

6. Selection Procedure

Investing is an odd ball in picking hobbies. My viewpoint may be a bit different than that of others, but please keep reading. Where hobbies typically make a person’s life comfortable by a mixture of exercise and relaxation my hobby of chasing stocks has (not yet) lead to relaxation in any form… hopefully soon to change!

So, there’s shares and shares. From first observation most look alike (especially when using the website (furtheron to be addressed as GF, not to be mistaken bij GirlFriend, She’s become my wife AKA Mrs. The Dutch lake house). Now say hardly any data is filled in on these pages, one might assume the intern just forgotten to press the save button. Or do we have air-raid-alike-alarms blasting off? Again here, Google is my friend. A quick search for news facts or general messages about the company usually already flag up any out-of-the-ordinaries.  

Almost every self-respecting company that is traded publicly is presented by a personal website these days. Beautiful internet. Shiny pages full of green fields, unicorns and rainbows. Some also include a grey page containing the year results for the company. To be honest, they’re like the terms and agreements of about every app you download and install: “you scroll through them, nod, sigh, okay let’s go”.

Because of my daily occupation I can read quite a few lines of legal text. however, I’m doing that between 8 and 5, and now ALSO after office hours? Talking about getting square shaped eyes. For this reason, I usually speculate on public sentiment, how did the company perform in the recent past and do I foresee any interesting possibilities? One might also call this gambling, but still my personal feeling is that my control is not completely gone. Once the money’s in, and the shareprices take a dive it’s usually not all at once that is gone.

Well. For now that’s that, I’m off working on number 7!

People might underestimate starting up a blog, it ain’t easy to keep on track and stay focused. Just a moment ago I drove down the freeway making my way back from work overthinking: “what if I start discussing cars!” when a Opel Mokka drove past. In all honesty, I like the design on that car, even though I drive a Juke myself. And my knowledge of cars in general is not really bloggable.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope you’ll return!

Have a great day,

The Dutch lake house

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