Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7. Monthly reporting structure

For displaying a monthly update of performance of my DT Portfolio (like the metaphore for a growing business? Not corny at all right? ).

What I would like to see in the monthly overview is:
  1. The development of total dividend paying stocks (in absolute value);
  2. Monthly dividends per stock;
  3. Monthly dividend total;
  4. Graphics showing current months performance against previous values;
  5. Purchases and Let-go’s;
  6. Statement of added investments (which will be very likely to remain 0$ for lengths of time).
  7. All values to be noted in before and after tax.

Although I’m not sure about #7. are we interested in those figures? In the end, it’s about the $ actually arriving at my account right? Well, for operational day-by-day the after tax value suffices. However,  since this information is available, we’d propably do best to still include  in the source datasheet being the backbone of the monthly report.

Off course the above is to be presented in the crisp, clean and free graph display tool of Google docs. More importantly, the development over time is of particular interest because there are goals to be met.

Main painpoint in the full overview is the combination of different currencies. Where my current bank account gives the opportunity to work in both USD as well as EURO I have decided to keep these separately monitored too. Just because it’s easier for me.

As it stands now: theres 3 graphs that should give an automatic view on performance per share and overall progress into the earlier set objectives.

Graph 1: breakdown of  monthly performance per share. Similar to:

Graph 2: Comparison between all year performance of all years that I’m working on this project. This will be presented as a line diagram like:
What I am not sure about yet in this graph type is whether or not to put in thresholds. E.g. put in the yearly benchmarks?

Graph 3: To monitor the yearly performance of my investments a comparison is to be made between the total dividend income per year (after taxes, I’m only interested in the netto figures)and the total value of the shares. I presume it is safe to call this the yield of my investment? In a formula: total dividend income/total value of shares @ start of year. Will probably be another line graph (purpously not another graph as example in here). To establish whether there is any development in this figure will be very interesting!

Next thing to do is to actually make the sheet. For that I need data, lots of data (my preferred style is all-or-nothing). Where the download button on my account overview gives only a selection of details a lot is to be copied manually. That will keep me busy for the next days. Lucky me I’ve been working on this since 2013 and kept track of payments in a very different format!

No worries, life is good, BabyJ is a treat and Mrs.TDlh is still georgeous and sweet.

Keep you posted,

From the Dutch lake house

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