Thursday, 29 September 2016

9. Dividend logging blogging

Hi again! Welcome to the 9th post at this blog.
I’m starting from complete scratch with this hobby of tracking dividends and pushing existing portfolio yield to a next level. It is for this reason that I have also been looking at others in whose footsteps I’m following now. Inventing a wheel isn’t new. Similar is inventing a dividend log sheet. Seen that the sheet I have been keeping up for the last years is far from perfect (I do not even dare to go as far and show it in here).

So as from 2013 I more or less started to track the dividends in a more structured way. Little did I know at that moment that this was going to be so much fun later on. And earn me so much money in the same sentence!

Had I thought of this before, I would better have done my homework and searched google for a decent format in the first place.

So that is what I have done here. What I came across was really inspiring.

Apparently loads and loads of people are (like me) in a similar position: on the lookout for additional income. Not surprising is that we’re (I count us as a group of people) from all over the world. For instance there’s this guy from Finland who is making use of the same strategy as I am: the nice and free Blogspot. After a few more posts I will have to start working on cosmetics more, now that I found on his blog what further tastes there are with this programme. Other than just light and dark grey (Today is September 29th and I sincerely appologize for the looks of this site!).

I’m not entirely sure whether I have the same goals as DH but it is great to see colleagues at work! Especially  when reading successes like that,
The other thing I found is a great tool for creating a visualisation of current performance of the portfolio. “Analogue” meters. I’m not going to repeat the how-to. I’m only going to use that tool.

Yes, I also started to make use of hyperlinks to other peoples blogs / websites. Please note that I have no connections with them whatsoever. I have come across their pages and thought they were mention worthy. Nothing more, nothing less. Might be that I hope to get some Karmaish goes around, comes around. Especially that last part. Be it that the comes around may also be at a later stage (when this blog has become a bit more mature).

Great! Have just succeeded to make one of those graphs for my dividend tracker. Still use the old data I have to practice.. I have to manually insert all dividend payouts because the download function of the program I use refuses to download all data available. For some reason it selects (OK the main components Name, amount of shares and total dividend paid out) only half of what is available when I look a bit closer. So. Today I also made the decision to only go back till January 2016. From here on I will only look forward (and 1 week, month or year behind).

Thanks for reading again and have an awesome day.

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