Monday, 31 October 2016

29. The sunflower effect

Sounds pretty optimistic right? In fact, the name is already claimed before. Having visited that blog to do some research it really put me down-to earth.

Van Goghs Sunflowers, sadly enough his skill was only widely recognized post-mortem. I’m not talking about personal likes or dislikes here, in my opinion he never finished this painting.

Back to my own intentions of writing: The Sunflower effect, is what I want to call the hope of skyrocketing when starting something new.
One doesn’t start a Blog, Vlog, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook (which ones do I miss out on?) to shout into a vacuum. An audience (maybe even an interactive audience!) is key.
One does also not start investing in stock markets, buying shares, trading, etc, doing all possible without the goal to make money.
One does not put the advertorials on their pages because we like fancy colors and cheesy sales one liners so much.

My theory is that aims should always be set As High As Reasonably Possible. The industry I’m currently working in would obviously just make another abbreviation for this: AHARP? The idea is to follow a sunflower’s example where only a single seed may produce somewhere near / over 1000 successors. Imagine that kind of a hit rate: after 2 seasons that is 1000^2 (1000x1000 for non-mathematicians) equalling to our first million.

People have done it, I’m not the first one: take The Million Dollar Homepage for example. That is not a link to the website directly, Wikipedia just gives some background information.

But imagine that! Just because an idea did not exist before, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no market or that the world is not ready yet. Take that there’s “only” 7,5 billion people around on this planet. Anticipating not everyone thinks the exact same thoughts as you do at this very moment: Unique = selling point. Period. And everyone has it.

Have an awesome day!


Sunday, 30 October 2016

28. Turning point

Well ahead of being at a point where any dividend income is significant, this post denounces a turning point. Already.

Starting a blog indicates the urge to write and share.
Starting a blog means that there’s actually content to share.
Having and maintaining a blog means: attracting readers and keeping them satisfied in order to make regular customers of them.

So far, am I wrong or right?

That’s what I thought (taken that you’re still reading).

Seeing that my current posts do not really have the potential to change the world of dividend blogging, The Dutch lake house  has to be different. Adapt or go mainstream.

Kind regards and hope to see you soon!

The Dutch lake house

Monday, 24 October 2016

27. Shaving Big moustaches and starting up.

BIG Moustache (website). Having heard a short bulletin about this startup on the radio, I was curious enough to get into what happened.

In Europe there’s apparently not yet too many opportunities (Boldking, Shavers Club, how many established competition do you need to still begin a successful startup?) to get a clean shave. After having received the notice to having to close the shop, the CEO decided to post a Linkedin article on what happened. You may have noticed: the article is in French, and so is the main website.

The main course is that they have learned being in business is not all about helping each other out. Investing usually is dead serious with only very few rainbows and flowers.

Having written his article October 18th 2016, at the time of writing this short blog post: there’s well over 3.600 thumb-ups, over 650 comments and has the article been shared for over 658 times.

From a second post on Linkedin: apparently well over 80.000 people have viewed the first post! seen that the page is still online and selling, I suppose BigMoustache survived?

Incredible, but to be honest, this story is exactly why I have not dared to take the leap and start my own business.

Besides that there were some other issues (only a quick brain dump):
  • No idea what to sell;
  • No experience starting up a company;
  • No existing infrastructure for products to handle in place (no supply chain or shop);
  • No experience in helping clients;
  • Heaps and heaps and heaps of established competitors;
  • No time besides day-time job and family left;

There’s a proper lot of negative charge in that summary!

Can I name any positives?
  • Writing (Dutch / English) is quite up to spec (please give your feedback if you think differently!);
  • Basic knowledge of a broad range of computer programmes;
  • Reasonable starting capital available;
  • Accommodation available for any hardware (garage);
  • Drive to start something of my own (on the side) that I can be proud of;
Purposely, I’ve kept the # of positives 1 shy of meeting the negative points, being a metaphor for not running a business yet.

Only recently I have come across a proper medical term for this kind or business I want to start: Side Hustle. Off course, that is how I’d like to start it and when it grows I can free up time for it but in the meantime: it’s important for me and my family to keep bringing in money as a full time employee.

For now, that’s another insight into me.

Have an awesome day!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

26. Cash-or-Trash #1 WMC

Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp or WMC

Initially bought for: Dividends! Seriously, have a look at the Google Finance page. It presents a 23.17% yield.

Having owned 42 shares since 16-08-2013, the total result in package value till date is -72.88USD. Whereas the total received dividends since then is 178.89USD. Might be not too impressive, but still. When looking at the plain figures, Google Finance doesn’t promise too much good:

Ever since July 20th, 2012 the stockprice slowly shrunk to less than 50% of initial. WIthout any splits. What they did do however, is pay a reasonably fat quarterly dividend.

Subsidiaries of WMC are Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and American Tower Corporation (REIT) (AMT).

Where, at least the SPG shows significant growth over time… maybe this was a bet on the wrong horse. Let me conclude that there is no cow on the ice yet since the dividends made up for all losses in value.

Have an awesome day!


25. Lorem ipsum

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

24. Cash-or-Trash

Having some extra cash leads to interesting decisions. Anthropologists will probably have a range of labels to put on the different types of people that can be identified when the following happens:
Through some sort of financial godsend (In my case: a mistake made up for by trading company) is granted, what to do with all of this money (approximate 100USD)?

A: Party! Bars, Booze, Music, forget it all for 2 hours (about the time it takes 90 euros vanish in Dutch bars). Bottom line of Option A: it is spent directly..
B: Stow away in savings bank account;
C: Buy speculative stocks and see what happens!

I obviously belong in the latter category, because e.g. DryShips Inc. was not the first, and will probably not be the last company I’ve gotten myself into.. There’s a number more in my portfolio, keep following The Dutch lake house and you’ll find my considerations. These stocks were once bought in a naive, pink coloured moment in life (even I have those). To give a short hint already there is the world’s oldest bank, as given, shares of DryShips Inc, a single share of HP that was left in my account after a silly typo mistake. Eventually this ended up in 2 separate shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co & HP Inc.

But wait there’s more (facepalm).

Apparently there were quite a few times in recent history that I’ve made some purple hazed decisions. Time to keep track of these, line them up and make them finally pay off (if possible). Otherwise, just keep them in the portfolio for until further notice. It’s not as if the Oldest surviving bank in the world will collapse tomorrow. Right?).

Most likely I will facilitate a Cash-or-Trash page on my blog keeping track of this kind of investments. To not give false hope, I have put the Trash-logo above as the bigger one. Keep hopping by, because you’ll find this blog is subject to change about every week to find its final format.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I’ll see you around!

Kind regards,


Monday, 17 October 2016

23. Portfolio update, week 42 Diversification

Welcome to the latest update of my share diversification!
This is supposed to become a monthly thing, but hey. Most recent update of my portfolio is visualised as follows:
Last week there’ve been 2 larger changes to the portfolio:

  1. McDonalds (9x 115USD) for dividends and slowly increase this position;
  2. Pfizer (30x 33USD) for speculative reasons as well as dividends.

There have been some minor changes in positions in this portfolio. Seen that these did not exceed the threshold of 700USD, both were omitted from further display.

What worries me quite a bit is that the O&G Giant Royal Dutch Shell represents a 30% stake in the full portfolio. What are your opinions on this? Where the company still pays out decent dividends it will be hard to let go of (maybe not in its entirety, but still).

For quick analysis on changes, the previous chart is displayed below:


To show only the `significant`contributors, I have set a threshold of 700EUR in order to be visualised. If the total value of these shares in the portfolio is less, they will be accounted for under Other.

Disclaimer: This visualisation only represents stock portfolio spreading of the DLH. This is in no form to be seen as investment advice. Readers are strongly advised to do their own research before purchasing any stocks.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

22. Stock screening #4 Tesla

Why is the Tesla Motors Inc. share cooling down?
Where the Model S’s apparently have awesome cool gadgets like built-in protection against bio-weapons, it seems as if it’s not enough? Because at the time I stepped in the shares were still up well in 240USD a piece, I only bought 2, knowing that there’s not going to be any dividends soon.

Up till now, Tesla models have been of a great design, breathing style. Innovation and 2.0ness. Having an advanced and reliable inside also helps: the greater public also seem to value and appreciate the cars. Good news.

Another great feature in developments down to Tesla Motors Inc. conto is the Powerwall! Here self-grown-and-harvested solarpower can be stored in a powerbank (Proven system in Australia apparently).

For now, it seems as if it’s easier to get the good news. Digging deeper to find a reason for the slow but sure deterioration?

As it is now, a Google search on “Tesla Motors Stock price” gives hits on Mr. Musk’s set backs.  Apparently Goldman Sachs has expressed their doubts on a flawless further rollout of electric cars. I bet there is more to this falling share price?

Have an awesome day!


Thursday, 13 October 2016

21. Stock screening #3 KERX

Why is there all of a sudden a -8% in KERX value in my portfolio? Where initial sounds were promising at the time I purchased a 100 shares (start of October 2016): Okay the company got a proper beating in August having had issues in the supply of the only product they manufacture. leaving to drop from well in 7.3USD per share to 4.2USD in only 4 days.

The good thing is that the company is investigating new possibilities to secure supply of their medicine Auryxia, Fexeric or Riona. Depends from where this blog is accessed. This should provide more stability in supply of the chronic kidney disease medicine.

But new positive vibes are being thrown into daylight (rating KERX as a strong buy!)  although I have no clue why this is posted on a page called BaseBall News Source. Personally, I believe that Biopharmaceuticals is an ever growing market for now:
Leaving this division significantly under-represented in my portfolio.

Where actually being at risk because KERX is only selling 1 product, my absolute exposure is not frightening having invested just over 700USD. Let me conclude that I anticipate the company to move back to at least 10USD a share soon.

Have an awesome day,


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

20. Crow funding beer projects

The following is written on my own behalf, with limited research and backed up by my own opinion. It does not represent any affiliate deals with any of the names or brands as given.
Crowd Brewed. How awesome is that! By investing in smaller breweries they get a chance to build in a world of established colossal companies such as Inbev or Heineken. Where the latter one is still called Heineken or HEIA, Inbev goes through life as (please correct me if I’m wrong) Anheuser-Busch InBev SABMiller.

Being huge obviously means relative low operational costs for raw materials (barley, wheat, corn, potable water,  etc.). But where Heineken holds breweries in different continents, I am not sure as to from where resources originate?

Being a beer fan myself, it is my fear that different tastes are levelling out when acquired by bigger Holdings. Local suppliers of ingredients may be rejected by the Holding’s purchasing department because of existing framework agreements. Apparently there’s a list of countries sorted by barley production on Wikipedia. Returning to taste of beers: I hope local ingredient suppliers are never cut short from the brewery supply chain of unique beers.

Although, I also understand that working hard should pay off. When you’ve finally reached the point where a giant wants to buy you out it may be a fairly easy decision to sell because it was strategy all along.

Taking Crowd Brewed as a prime example (there’s probably a few more opportunities). By “investing” or paying a sum in one of the projects one becomes a Backer, opening up the doors to discounts on purchases, gizmo’s, bumper stickers and tours through breweries. An example of the CB projects: Flying Lion Brewing having opened up (August 2014) for a 10.000USD goal. At the time of writing (oktober 2016) the crowd has funded a sum to just shy of 14.000USd. Just saying, that is almost equivalent to 300 home brewing kits!  

Having had a quick look into the subject, I‘ll put some time in finding a nearby crowdfunding alternatives. I’ll keep you posted.   

Have a great day!


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

19. Stock screening #2

Apple Inc. Also taking into account that today was International Coming out day I copied the shiny coloured version of the logo.

In the past few days the Apple Inc share price rose a solid 4USD. Was this a reaction on the failing Samsung Note7 models? I suspect not, ever since May of this year, this stock came all the way from 90USD to 116USD where it is now.

In all fairness, the dividen yield is not fat with only 1.96% but since this particular company is really in fashion it may well be worth having a few. Even though I do not own any Apple electronics personally. I was once given a Ipod Nano in a business card prize draw, but it was so small you may guess what happened. Exactly I don’t have a clue either and never saw the thing again.

Back to Apple Inc. even Googles news on making phones did not really hurt the AAPL share price as much as I had foreseen. Happy days.

From a non Apple fan: Go Apple!

Have a great day, kind regards,


Monday, 10 October 2016

18. Stock screening #1

Why I rate the Halliburton share to reach new USD summits around March 2017? I’m not going into details of all oil politics going on in the world.

  • The overall share price has fluctuated quite a bit: March 2009 1 share cost about the same as a 2 pack of anti-slip-handle-cupholders whereas 5 years later this value had quadrupled.
  • The company has been cutting costs by closing down offices around the world totalling up to a few thousands of jobs lost only in this year;
  • Optimistic talks as posted here are good advertisement for the HAL shares;
  • Although the yield does not exite me at all, dividends have not fallen in absolute value. currently rated at 0.18USD per share, Quarterly paying.
  • Personal optimism, the share will experience the November drop and come back strong (I hope) when agreements are settled in on oil production. Also, am I of the perspective that the world needs stabilisation in this market.
  • Putin’s words about Oil production dated September 10th 2016. It’s not just me who is in for new measures. (And even if you don’t care about oil prices. Please spend that 1minute and 6 seconds, ‘cause that’s how long the video takes. Jackie Deangelis is my new favourite TV personality. *Mrs DLH nodded approvingly).
It’s beccause of the above points that I keep my positions of Halliburton to speculate.

Let’s hope for the best and don't forget: it's most important to enjoy our day today!

Kind regards,