Thursday, 6 October 2016

14. Portfolio update 2

Now that the database is finally coming together functionalities to make nice charts open up. To see what actually happens throughout this year is presented below:

This chart gives an intermediate standing of my DT portfolio when looking at USD dividends only for the year 2016 till date:
As from 2017 I will also start to keep a closer look on my EUR stocks who give out dividends. From what is shared in this blog it is almost as if European stocks don’t pay out at all, which is incorrect obviously. They’re just not as generous as US shares. At all (dividend wise).

Continuing on the Portfolio update:

Yesterday I have purchased 100 bits of Keryx Biopharmaceuticals (KERX). Share price goes for up and around 5.40USD. Ok, this is not for dividends in the first place. Where globally medical knowledge is getting in higher demand (growing population) I foresee this array of companies to have an interesting time.

Secondly, Realty Income Corp (O), 10 shares (at an approximate 63.50USD each). Having a history of growth and stabil dividends I thought my portfolio to be ready for a diversification. Only thing I do not really understand (and I hope this is not an obvious sign for bad luck) is that there is no dividends displayed for the month of August. Furtheron, a stable dividend increase over the past years. This leaves a 20ct dividend per share monthly, yielding to 3.91% per year. Which is quite okay for a NYSE traded company.

Keep you updated on future progress!


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