Monday, 10 October 2016

18. Stock screening #1

Why I rate the Halliburton share to reach new USD summits around March 2017? I’m not going into details of all oil politics going on in the world.

  • The overall share price has fluctuated quite a bit: March 2009 1 share cost about the same as a 2 pack of anti-slip-handle-cupholders whereas 5 years later this value had quadrupled.
  • The company has been cutting costs by closing down offices around the world totalling up to a few thousands of jobs lost only in this year;
  • Optimistic talks as posted here are good advertisement for the HAL shares;
  • Although the yield does not exite me at all, dividends have not fallen in absolute value. currently rated at 0.18USD per share, Quarterly paying.
  • Personal optimism, the share will experience the November drop and come back strong (I hope) when agreements are settled in on oil production. Also, am I of the perspective that the world needs stabilisation in this market.
  • Putin’s words about Oil production dated September 10th 2016. It’s not just me who is in for new measures. (And even if you don’t care about oil prices. Please spend that 1minute and 6 seconds, ‘cause that’s how long the video takes. Jackie Deangelis is my new favourite TV personality. *Mrs DLH nodded approvingly).
It’s beccause of the above points that I keep my positions of Halliburton to speculate.

Let’s hope for the best and don't forget: it's most important to enjoy our day today!

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