Tuesday, 11 October 2016

19. Stock screening #2

Apple Inc. Also taking into account that today was International Coming out day I copied the shiny coloured version of the logo.

In the past few days the Apple Inc share price rose a solid 4USD. Was this a reaction on the failing Samsung Note7 models? I suspect not, ever since May of this year, this stock came all the way from 90USD to 116USD where it is now.

In all fairness, the dividen yield is not fat with only 1.96% but since this particular company is really in fashion it may well be worth having a few. Even though I do not own any Apple electronics personally. I was once given a Ipod Nano in a business card prize draw, but it was so small you may guess what happened. Exactly I don’t have a clue either and never saw the thing again.

Back to Apple Inc. even Googles news on making phones did not really hurt the AAPL share price as much as I had foreseen. Happy days.

From a non Apple fan: Go Apple!

Have a great day, kind regards,


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