Wednesday, 12 October 2016

20. Crow funding beer projects

The following is written on my own behalf, with limited research and backed up by my own opinion. It does not represent any affiliate deals with any of the names or brands as given.
Crowd Brewed. How awesome is that! By investing in smaller breweries they get a chance to build in a world of established colossal companies such as Inbev or Heineken. Where the latter one is still called Heineken or HEIA, Inbev goes through life as (please correct me if I’m wrong) Anheuser-Busch InBev SABMiller.

Being huge obviously means relative low operational costs for raw materials (barley, wheat, corn, potable water,  etc.). But where Heineken holds breweries in different continents, I am not sure as to from where resources originate?

Being a beer fan myself, it is my fear that different tastes are levelling out when acquired by bigger Holdings. Local suppliers of ingredients may be rejected by the Holding’s purchasing department because of existing framework agreements. Apparently there’s a list of countries sorted by barley production on Wikipedia. Returning to taste of beers: I hope local ingredient suppliers are never cut short from the brewery supply chain of unique beers.

Although, I also understand that working hard should pay off. When you’ve finally reached the point where a giant wants to buy you out it may be a fairly easy decision to sell because it was strategy all along.

Taking Crowd Brewed as a prime example (there’s probably a few more opportunities). By “investing” or paying a sum in one of the projects one becomes a Backer, opening up the doors to discounts on purchases, gizmo’s, bumper stickers and tours through breweries. An example of the CB projects: Flying Lion Brewing having opened up (August 2014) for a 10.000USD goal. At the time of writing (oktober 2016) the crowd has funded a sum to just shy of 14.000USd. Just saying, that is almost equivalent to 300 home brewing kits!  

Having had a quick look into the subject, I‘ll put some time in finding a nearby crowdfunding alternatives. I’ll keep you posted.   

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