Thursday, 13 October 2016

21. Stock screening #3 KERX

Why is there all of a sudden a -8% in KERX value in my portfolio? Where initial sounds were promising at the time I purchased a 100 shares (start of October 2016): Okay the company got a proper beating in August having had issues in the supply of the only product they manufacture. leaving to drop from well in 7.3USD per share to 4.2USD in only 4 days.

The good thing is that the company is investigating new possibilities to secure supply of their medicine Auryxia, Fexeric or Riona. Depends from where this blog is accessed. This should provide more stability in supply of the chronic kidney disease medicine.

But new positive vibes are being thrown into daylight (rating KERX as a strong buy!)  although I have no clue why this is posted on a page called BaseBall News Source. Personally, I believe that Biopharmaceuticals is an ever growing market for now:
Leaving this division significantly under-represented in my portfolio.

Where actually being at risk because KERX is only selling 1 product, my absolute exposure is not frightening having invested just over 700USD. Let me conclude that I anticipate the company to move back to at least 10USD a share soon.

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