Saturday, 15 October 2016

22. Stock screening #4 Tesla

Why is the Tesla Motors Inc. share cooling down?
Where the Model S’s apparently have awesome cool gadgets like built-in protection against bio-weapons, it seems as if it’s not enough? Because at the time I stepped in the shares were still up well in 240USD a piece, I only bought 2, knowing that there’s not going to be any dividends soon.

Up till now, Tesla models have been of a great design, breathing style. Innovation and 2.0ness. Having an advanced and reliable inside also helps: the greater public also seem to value and appreciate the cars. Good news.

Another great feature in developments down to Tesla Motors Inc. conto is the Powerwall! Here self-grown-and-harvested solarpower can be stored in a powerbank (Proven system in Australia apparently).

For now, it seems as if it’s easier to get the good news. Digging deeper to find a reason for the slow but sure deterioration?

As it is now, a Google search on “Tesla Motors Stock price” gives hits on Mr. Musk’s set backs.  Apparently Goldman Sachs has expressed their doubts on a flawless further rollout of electric cars. I bet there is more to this falling share price?

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