Monday, 17 October 2016

23. Portfolio update, week 42 Diversification

Welcome to the latest update of my share diversification!
This is supposed to become a monthly thing, but hey. Most recent update of my portfolio is visualised as follows:
Last week there’ve been 2 larger changes to the portfolio:

  1. McDonalds (9x 115USD) for dividends and slowly increase this position;
  2. Pfizer (30x 33USD) for speculative reasons as well as dividends.

There have been some minor changes in positions in this portfolio. Seen that these did not exceed the threshold of 700USD, both were omitted from further display.

What worries me quite a bit is that the O&G Giant Royal Dutch Shell represents a 30% stake in the full portfolio. What are your opinions on this? Where the company still pays out decent dividends it will be hard to let go of (maybe not in its entirety, but still).

For quick analysis on changes, the previous chart is displayed below:


To show only the `significant`contributors, I have set a threshold of 700EUR in order to be visualised. If the total value of these shares in the portfolio is less, they will be accounted for under Other.

Disclaimer: This visualisation only represents stock portfolio spreading of the DLH. This is in no form to be seen as investment advice. Readers are strongly advised to do their own research before purchasing any stocks.

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