Wednesday, 19 October 2016

24. Cash-or-Trash

Having some extra cash leads to interesting decisions. Anthropologists will probably have a range of labels to put on the different types of people that can be identified when the following happens:
Through some sort of financial godsend (In my case: a mistake made up for by trading company) is granted, what to do with all of this money (approximate 100USD)?

A: Party! Bars, Booze, Music, forget it all for 2 hours (about the time it takes 90 euros vanish in Dutch bars). Bottom line of Option A: it is spent directly..
B: Stow away in savings bank account;
C: Buy speculative stocks and see what happens!

I obviously belong in the latter category, because e.g. DryShips Inc. was not the first, and will probably not be the last company I’ve gotten myself into.. There’s a number more in my portfolio, keep following The Dutch lake house and you’ll find my considerations. These stocks were once bought in a naive, pink coloured moment in life (even I have those). To give a short hint already there is the world’s oldest bank, as given, shares of DryShips Inc, a single share of HP that was left in my account after a silly typo mistake. Eventually this ended up in 2 separate shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co & HP Inc.

But wait there’s more (facepalm).

Apparently there were quite a few times in recent history that I’ve made some purple hazed decisions. Time to keep track of these, line them up and make them finally pay off (if possible). Otherwise, just keep them in the portfolio for until further notice. It’s not as if the Oldest surviving bank in the world will collapse tomorrow. Right?).

Most likely I will facilitate a Cash-or-Trash page on my blog keeping track of this kind of investments. To not give false hope, I have put the Trash-logo above as the bigger one. Keep hopping by, because you’ll find this blog is subject to change about every week to find its final format.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I’ll see you around!

Kind regards,


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