Thursday, 20 October 2016

26. Cash-or-Trash #1 WMC

Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp or WMC

Initially bought for: Dividends! Seriously, have a look at the Google Finance page. It presents a 23.17% yield.

Having owned 42 shares since 16-08-2013, the total result in package value till date is -72.88USD. Whereas the total received dividends since then is 178.89USD. Might be not too impressive, but still. When looking at the plain figures, Google Finance doesn’t promise too much good:

Ever since July 20th, 2012 the stockprice slowly shrunk to less than 50% of initial. WIthout any splits. What they did do however, is pay a reasonably fat quarterly dividend.

Subsidiaries of WMC are Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and American Tower Corporation (REIT) (AMT).

Where, at least the SPG shows significant growth over time… maybe this was a bet on the wrong horse. Let me conclude that there is no cow on the ice yet since the dividends made up for all losses in value.

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