Monday, 24 October 2016

27. Shaving Big moustaches and starting up.

BIG Moustache (website). Having heard a short bulletin about this startup on the radio, I was curious enough to get into what happened.

In Europe there’s apparently not yet too many opportunities (Boldking, Shavers Club, how many established competition do you need to still begin a successful startup?) to get a clean shave. After having received the notice to having to close the shop, the CEO decided to post a Linkedin article on what happened. You may have noticed: the article is in French, and so is the main website.

The main course is that they have learned being in business is not all about helping each other out. Investing usually is dead serious with only very few rainbows and flowers.

Having written his article October 18th 2016, at the time of writing this short blog post: there’s well over 3.600 thumb-ups, over 650 comments and has the article been shared for over 658 times.

From a second post on Linkedin: apparently well over 80.000 people have viewed the first post! seen that the page is still online and selling, I suppose BigMoustache survived?

Incredible, but to be honest, this story is exactly why I have not dared to take the leap and start my own business.

Besides that there were some other issues (only a quick brain dump):
  • No idea what to sell;
  • No experience starting up a company;
  • No existing infrastructure for products to handle in place (no supply chain or shop);
  • No experience in helping clients;
  • Heaps and heaps and heaps of established competitors;
  • No time besides day-time job and family left;

There’s a proper lot of negative charge in that summary!

Can I name any positives?
  • Writing (Dutch / English) is quite up to spec (please give your feedback if you think differently!);
  • Basic knowledge of a broad range of computer programmes;
  • Reasonable starting capital available;
  • Accommodation available for any hardware (garage);
  • Drive to start something of my own (on the side) that I can be proud of;
Purposely, I’ve kept the # of positives 1 shy of meeting the negative points, being a metaphor for not running a business yet.

Only recently I have come across a proper medical term for this kind or business I want to start: Side Hustle. Off course, that is how I’d like to start it and when it grows I can free up time for it but in the meantime: it’s important for me and my family to keep bringing in money as a full time employee.

For now, that’s another insight into me.

Have an awesome day!


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