Monday, 31 October 2016

29. The sunflower effect

Sounds pretty optimistic right? In fact, the name is already claimed before. Having visited that blog to do some research it really put me down-to earth.

Van Goghs Sunflowers, sadly enough his skill was only widely recognized post-mortem. I’m not talking about personal likes or dislikes here, in my opinion he never finished this painting.

Back to my own intentions of writing: The Sunflower effect, is what I want to call the hope of skyrocketing when starting something new.
One doesn’t start a Blog, Vlog, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook (which ones do I miss out on?) to shout into a vacuum. An audience (maybe even an interactive audience!) is key.
One does also not start investing in stock markets, buying shares, trading, etc, doing all possible without the goal to make money.
One does not put the advertorials on their pages because we like fancy colors and cheesy sales one liners so much.

My theory is that aims should always be set As High As Reasonably Possible. The industry I’m currently working in would obviously just make another abbreviation for this: AHARP? The idea is to follow a sunflower’s example where only a single seed may produce somewhere near / over 1000 successors. Imagine that kind of a hit rate: after 2 seasons that is 1000^2 (1000x1000 for non-mathematicians) equalling to our first million.

People have done it, I’m not the first one: take The Million Dollar Homepage for example. That is not a link to the website directly, Wikipedia just gives some background information.

But imagine that! Just because an idea did not exist before, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no market or that the world is not ready yet. Take that there’s “only” 7,5 billion people around on this planet. Anticipating not everyone thinks the exact same thoughts as you do at this very moment: Unique = selling point. Period. And everyone has it.

Have an awesome day!


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