Friday, 4 November 2016

32. Commute gold mine #2

Electric bikes is big business. I’m 100% positive on that. Crazy thing is that there is so much the authorities want to say about this. Obviously, with a dense populated area as the Netherlands that’s just the way it is (another one of those great golden oldies, sang by Phil Collins am I right?).

As with a lot of other new stuff these days, a hybrid solution  may also make sense to make up for commuting costs:

Already for a while I have been wondering about getting myself enrolled with Uber. 5 days a week I travel 100km in a car that has 3 excess seats. So a mix of Uber-ing and cycling may also be an alternative?

Planning my route by bicycle the total traject is shortened to 39,4km! Only. Well, the coint could’ve flipped the other way too! This puts me in a positive vibe, 40km distance already sounds way nicer than 50km. Single trip. Even though my furthest biking trail was about 40 km in total (to and from) where afterwards I had to recover from aching muscles for weeks.

Returning to a google search: “electric bike for under 1000 euros” this does give loads and loads of sites (like but my guess is that the majority of these bikes was never tested for ergonomics.. I'll keep you updated on these thoughts..

Have a great weekend!

I know I will because there's a new batch of special brews arrived in my fridge!

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