Saturday, 5 November 2016

33. Commute gold mine #3, Cash-or-Trash #2

That’s it, I want to know what Uber is about.
Well, so far for the first encounter, for some reason the website fails on me. Not just once. Maybe it’s a sign, also just realised the planning might just not quite fit my current morning routine. Say, I’m a very caring person, but in the morning it might just be a good idea not to see too many people. :).

Having said that, I’m still curious to the process. Filling out the sheet as below should do the trick. Here goes nothing.
Surprise! This time Uber accepted my credentials. Next thing is to select whether or not I already have a “Chauffeurskaart”. This may seem like a legit Dutch word (and it is) but I have not the slightest idea of what it is. Therefore, I will continue by selecting the No, I dont have a “Chauffeurskaart”.
Done! Well, not quite. What I found interesting is how EVERYONE could just become an “employee” of this Uber-Company. Apparently there’s this catch: before being successful with my application, I have to stop by at one of their offices in Rotterdam / The Hague for completing my enrollment.
Finally! Apparently people check with whom someone is being mustered aboard a vehicle and sent off into the wild. Or do I paint a troubled picture here? I have no idea whether or not this is scammable because who is ever going to check if I am also actually the one to drive around? I know for myself I can be trusted (off course!).
Yeah! Apparently they’ve accepted me as a driver (for now), I’m able to login into a personalized dashboard:

And Uber has been sending me texts (including the promise that they’ll continue doing so until I return a text summoning them to stop)

There’s just another catch…
Stay tuned for the next blog post!

Have an awesome weekend!

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