Tuesday, 8 November 2016

35. Stock screening #5 FULL

07-11-2016 something interesting happened in my portfolio. An irregular contribution of 60+ USD was added to my account (no dividend) with description:

Full Circle Capital Corp - acquired - cash div.

Where I bought the Full Circle Capital Corporation initially for about 7and-a-bit USD back in 2013, the latest boards give only 2.67. leaving me with a net. worth result of at least 750USD in deep dark red figures. Where I initially went for the dividend yield (at the moment of buying, the share had a comfortable 2 years of steady share price)

Well, for the full (I wanted to draw a smiley face here) FULL report, find the following link. Great Elm Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GECC) today announced the successful completion of the merger between GECC and Full Circle Capital Corporation (“Full Circle”). Despite of the awful loss already taken in by my portfolio, I now have put my hopes up for the 18month stock buy-back programme of 15 mln USD. On a current market capital of 40.94 mln shares that equals to a well-over-33% buy in!

Having closed the position in the portfolio a total (multi year) stock position result of minus 773 USD is noted. Total (multi year) dividends received: 330 USD. Shame of the 443 USD that evaporated somewhere underway.

It’s a hard game sometimes.

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