Wednesday, 9 November 2016

36. Portfolio update 6 Elections!

In preparation of today’s big bang, note: at the time of writing this no official notice is given whether H. Clinton or D. Trump will become the new President of the United States.
In this update I will try not to mention absolute values of my portfolio. Just because I am not comfortable in making so many personal details known.
Also at the time of writing, Mr. Trump is only shy of 4 electors. It’s 266 against 218. Currently the AEX holds 450 points and 5 minutes left till Wednesday’s trading day kickoff.
Where I did not 100% realize what people were afraid of with the millennium bug back in 1999 - 2000, this should be about the same I guess..
When driving to work, the news radio (BNR) already mentioned horror-futures. A quick glance at CNBC’s boards: (screenshot taken at around 8:30 Dutch time).
It is now, about 8:55 Dutch time. It happened, Donald Trump is Elect president. During typing this line the Donald is making his way to stage for his speech.
10 minutes to go untill trades open at Amsterdam boards. Already I am nervously refreshing my portfolio account.
to compare, the following screenshot of CNBC is taken only 30 minutes after the above one. see the difference? The Nasdaq future has gone up from -184 to -150. So, all in all no panic as yet.
9:20 Dutch time: gives European reactions to the news: where percentage wise, this is actually not all that bad! Was the financial world preparing for the worst, what actually turned out to be only a small hurdle? Already at this time, the questions go round on: “How can Trump be good for the world?”. Let’s see what this day brings!
9:40 Dutch time: total day result of portfolio is currently sat still at -0.58%. Not nearly the big bang as I initially expected during starting up this blog.

Also CNBC foresees a much lighter perspective as compared to 45 minutes ago: only -127 on the boards for Nasdaq. Is that hope glittering at the horizon?
Update at 19:50 Dutch Time:
Guess what. I closed the day with an astonishing 34 Euros in plus. 
Did I NOT see that one coming this morning! Where the radio promised nothing but doom for today I got flowers. Back to business.. 

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