Thursday, 10 November 2016

37. Starting multiple income streams

Having read a number of blog posts lately about the importance of spreading income streams I thought it would be interesting to list the ones I’m currently receiving. As with quite some other Dutch people, I tend to be hesitant about absolute worths. Hence, I’ll avoid values.

Monthly Salary
Monthly Dividends
  • I wished my adsense income could be accountable for at least to a real % already. For now this is unstable and not significant.
Affiliate partnerships
  • Currently The Dutch lake house is in the middle of getting approval for the Amazon Associates programme, but apparently (see below image) there’s something fishy going on here.
Does anyone have tips or tricks here? Apparently there’s 3 stages completed successfully already and the only thing outstanding now is to make my first referral.

Have not figured out as yet how that works, I expected to get some more information on this.
All in all, I truly hope this is not going down the same road as the Uber project I started up in an earlier post.
Let’s find out if there is any action to follow up tomorrow!

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