Thursday, 17 November 2016

41. Starting multiple income streams - Amazon affiliate #2

Back to the subject of Affiliate marketing. Last monday I received an email congratulating me on the fact that I’m allowed into the Affiliate programme! That having said, still not a single fibre in my body has an understanding of how to use…
Having initiated this, I should make it work too. Now, when I surf (who uses that word for strolling down internet-road nowadays?) to the site my cookies have done half of the works already. So the SiteStripe as shown in an earlier post is already there.

Given that there is a perfect SiteStripe Help page I should be able to finally make this work.

When I look for some product on the Amazon shop and would like to link to it, there’s 3 options to display.  Link only, image only & link AND image. No clue as to what this link actually should be doing.. RTFM, Long time since I’ve heard that abbreviation: Read The F’ing Manual.

An example of how this link looks like:

<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"rc="//"></iframe>

This is scrambled a little bit so it’s not possible for anyone to get under my skin.

All in all, this is obviously not going to work unless I’m able to get into HTML’ing So, how to use Amazon affiliate links here then?

How about THIS!! Just now the bulb lit. Google might just be the answer to everything. Quick summary of that newsflash: it’s possible to have the affiliates programme integrated in the blog, meaning: we don’t even have to close our blogger-window or open up any new tabs. Directly next to our post editor field we have a small screen allowing us direct access into the Amazon warehouse. Great stuff, now just even easier. Well, so I thought. That post dated from 2009 and apparently a lot has happened ever since.

The search for optimization continues.

In the meantime I did find out that there is the option to add in third party HTML content. This might not be the quickest or best way but.. Let’s start off with this week’s special: the very latest Volbeat album.

The Mrs. and me visited their concert last Tuesday in the Ziggo Dome @ Amsterdam and it absolutely Rocked. We’re fans.

As from now, I will amend my disclaimer on the right of the blogger page to cover for this new feature. Hence, my dearest reader, should you be interested in anything off Amazon that I have linked to in this blog then please note the following:
When your interest ultimately leads to purchase of an item through one of the links posted on thedutchlakehouse, I will receive a pre-determined fee. Dependent to what sort of category the product belongs to this typically ranges between 1 - 10%.

Have a great day!


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