Monday, 21 November 2016

43. Stock screening #6 LBTYA

LBTYA, or Liberty Global plc - Class A Ordinary shares.
Currently rated BUY by Wunderlich Securities (what’s in a name right?) and Pivotal Research (I’m a little more in doubt about this name). Background of Liberty Global’s services: their own words: “World’s largest international TV and broadband company” with media platforms also available in the Netherlands via Ziggo / Vodafone and HBO.

November news flash:

“In the third quarter of 2016, Liberty Global generated $1,253 million of cash from operations compared with $3,184 million in the year-ago quarter.” Source:

Might seem not really worrying in sense of absolute amounts, but a 60% less profit should ring some alarms! Maybe that’s the reason for a SELL rating by When I’m asked for my opinion, I tend to trust the latter institute over the first 2.

Having bought a 30 pack of shares for just over 30 USD a piece earlier this year, now could be the time to cash. Current trend lines don’t really give me too much hope of any upward movements. A quick view on the boards:

Initial share price
Nr of shares
total investment in EUR
today's standing EUR
today's profit in EUR
Subtotal % result in portfolio
Liberty Global Plc

With no dividends at all, this position is not real a sustainable one for my portfolio goal of dividend only. And, in order to reduce risks in my portfolio, I might be a bit better off to take some quick wins over long term speculation. Again, 13% + is a solid performance.

At the time of writing this update, (16:47 Dutch time) Wall street has opened and some other investor has bought my shares for a staggering 32,88 USD. Thanks for doing business. Well done.

Have an awesome day again.


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