Monday, 21 November 2016

44. What should have been the very first post of this blog: Dividends!

Displaying the portfolio I currently own should encourage me to go for highest yield achievable. However, I have chosen not to give away all of me. 

-Please note: I am not a professional. This website does not give advice. This website, my blog or any comments that are posted by me do not imply, insinuate, suggest nor hint any actions from readers-

Firstly, I would like to give an impression of overall dividend income from the moment I started till date. Please note these schematics were drawn up making use of Google spreadsheets. Awesome programme, but takes some getting used to when coming from a full  Microsoft Office package.

I'm not entirely sure whether I mentioned this before, but I started sticking my nose in stocks when I was not yet at the legal age for owning my personal account. It took me about 7 years to gain (and lose) as much to find out what and what not to get myself into.

Where I stand now is a pretty diversified portfolio that has a track record dating back from 2014 (first full year with more or less similar contents). As you will understand these contents have switched every now and again, moving along with age, time and growing insights.

Still, what I am quite proud of, to stay a bit in the vague, (and to build tension towards what will follow next..) I have made (after taxes) a staggering minimum of $1,798.57 on a yearly basis. I kid you not. Counting from January 2016 till August 2016 subtotals have progressed as far as $1,287.10 (again, after taxes).
The following image indicates dividend progress in what I will call from now: my Dividend Tree. Exact contents of this porftolio will be treated separately in my blog (please keep reading and sharing!). It is safe to say that the total investment value for meeting this rate does not exceed a $20,000.00. Exact figures will follow somewhere soon on my blog.

As to be seen here, in the year 2013 I only just got the smell of dividend investment. After that, an immediate surge came followed by a year of remorse of some decisions. All part of the game. This year, I had a better strategy. It is at this moment, that I hope to gain some additional encouragement from making this blog and push for higher yields here.

For me it is also still a journey into the unknown. For now, think of the good things in life when thumbs are up, remember those moments when it all goes pear-shaped.

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