Friday, 25 November 2016

46. Starting up multiple income streams - Dream BIG!

Having successfully (well.. not really since the first purchase is yet to be made) taken the first hurdle: initiated a Affiliate marketing account with Amazon. This actually means that the first step into passive income is taken. One small thought to keep in mind here: the Amazon.COM version of affiliate links requires some actual sales before the 6th (am I right?) month of affiliate partnership. In case no links were successful an automated un-subscription will follow..
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Having no marketing orientated background whatsoever, it proves to be quite time-consuming to get the hang of all tricks. For now, I’ll just continue the path I’m following.

I’m on the lookout for the installation of the next level of passive income.

The second best searched feature (first will most likely still be porn?) of the internet must be passive income or earning easy money. I have no idea how to describe the amount of different websites, blogs, twitter pages and so on promising to describe ways to earn money whilst sitting still.

Well, obviously these websites (that I’m not even going to list here.. a quick google search will bring you there, and yes I’m talking about the number 2 most searched although my guess for number 1 will also be available through google) are built also with the aim to generate revenue. Looking from the perspective that the total amount of money is in sort of an equilibrium (not taking into account forgery and governmental (virtual) printing of money): for me personally it is pretty hard to believe any of those tips will result in a constant stream of income. Guaranteed income. Say, there are no specific guidelines on how-to, otherwise the world would be swarmed with millionaires. WIth as a result money being worth jack sniz.

Passive income, it doesn’t mean getting rich quick for me. The aim is to invest and generate a steady income off it. Almost like the good old bank savings that brought in about 5% interest (Yes, that’s the best I have ever seen! I’m that young).

Where I started this post with the intention to describe how I am looking into purchasing real estate for rental purposes, this turned out to follow its own path. Sometimes that’s just the way.

Have a great day!


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