Monday, 28 November 2016

48. Another breaktthrough - positive thoughts!

Sparked by a thought:

Scrolling down the Google results for side hustle for the umpteenth time: In order to make a living whilst doing what you love, ask yourself at least:

  1. “What is it that I own;
  2. “What is it that I know;
  3. “What is my special skill;
  4. “Who do I know;

directly followed by: that makes me different from average?”

Free photo: Bullseye, Darts, ...

“These all count for everyone but me, I really cannot think of anything out-of-ordinary”.

That might just be the first thing that pops in. But, come on. Really?

To show off, I will answer these questions for myself:

  1. Our small lake house holds free access to water that is stuffed with life. Fish, frogs, all sizes shapes and colours. A wide range of birds flies in and out, and occasionally there’s some rats too. On itself, this might not be the very first thing to give dollar signs in someone’s eyes. But still, it’s access to a niche. A selection of people are interested in nature.
  2. My interest goes out to Renewable energy, stock market developments,
  3. In real life, next to being a dedicated employee in a fascinating branch I know how to play the trumpet and am currently practicing to play trombone. Further skills that I assume to be above average are: Native Dutch speaking and writing, English language, Excel skills, French and German Language (albeit the basics), keeping my weight the same without diets. Also do I have experience in monetized broadcasting on youtube.
  4. Well, here it is going to get difficult. The only one (for now) who knows about my quest to passive income is  my wife. I’m not interested in involving my personal profile to this, making the whole exercise a bit more difficult.

Note, that while taking the full 5 minutes to sum these up for yourself: You don’t have to know how to commercialise or exploit the skill on itself.

The second step I would propose to take is to find an interesting mix that you can employ without the use of too much investment at first. Just to try out whether you’re on the right track. Same as this blog really, as soon as it attracts sufficient people on a regular basis it will make sense to get a plus-subscription somewhere (where you pay for extra functionalities and options).

To give you an impression, these first few months have certainly been a great learning curve for myself. Besides that, I learned to use blogger in a basic sense. And the best thing? I even got paid for all of this, where I also could have spent these minutes Netflixing How I met your mother.

Have a great day!


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