Saturday, 26 November 2016

47. Thoughts on paper -

Reading articles about blogging, adsense, affiliate partnership (and some) are far from inspiring when initiating another post for your blog. Especially for people who tend to see only darker colours (predominantly grey-black) in life. Like me. Although I am living a dream each day being supported by my sweet loving family. But this also puts all feelings back in perspective: One day only has 24 hours.
Clock, Clock Face, Time, ...
Time is expensive, every minute lived is a minute we’re never able to buy back. For no money in the world.

Reason for me to write this down is NOT because I have been struck by illness or misfortune in any particular sense. It’s not an indication for me quitting this blog. Why I start about time is because it takes too long to populate my dividends and stock performance sheet!  Having to invent the wheel all over is a pain. Where I’m quite skilled with excel I can find a reasonable amount of opportunities when looking at free-to-download examples. That helps.

The investment programme I currently use is capable of exporting excel lists, but. What it actually exports is only very marginal: A follow up number, 2 dates, the amount of shares and share name (in the same cell, but hey, no problem) and the nett. dividends paid out. I could have done with some more details.

My plan is to summarize some key items, formalize a nice letter to the Company and explain my request. Hopefully they’re open for discussion and even value the feedback of a frequent user. Frequent as being: in the 3 years I work with this trading package I have a 1000+ excel rows filled with trade actions.

I’ll keep you updated on that!

Next to this one, there’s more innovations that have crossed my thoughts recently. The only thing is, in order to file these with the respective companies it’s not just a matter of sending an email. In order to be considered as innovator, the idea has to be assessed positively by the patent bureaus. This being an investment on itself, but more to follow on that later!

Have a great day!


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