Thursday, 1 December 2016

51. Dividend update #2, November 2016

Please note that all graphics below are established using the Google Spreadsheets tool palette.
Also, where the EURO stocks are no real monthly milk cows yet, for now I only focus on the USD group.. You‘ll see why in a minute
A.Stocks paying dividends this month

Displayed in the following table: the totals of received USD dividends this month:
Dividend payout date
Stocks in portfolio

Subtotal dividends after tax

Pfizer Inc

Five Oaks Investment Corp

Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund

ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLev Mortg REIT ETN

Etracs Monthly Pay 2xL WF MLP Ex-Energy

Prospect Capital Corp

Realty Income

Apple Inc

Full Circle Capital Corp -acquired-


November Total

$ 106.90

In percentages, this comes to the following chart. In here we find that the Full Circle Capital corp payment really stands out. Sad thing is that this is not really a dividend. In the transition to become Greater Elm corp, all shareholders were complemented.

B.Total dividends this year versus previous years

A slight decrease when comparing 2016 and 2015 figures. But, the difference seems to be already smaller than the July figures. Also, does it look like the spike heights are decreasing over the full year. Let’s hope this trend bends to the other direction.
Chart 0
Cumulatives of the USD figures give a better absolute overview of this year’s performance:
Chart 2
Now that we’re closing in towards the end of the year, an approximate average dividend distribution appears at the horizon.
A monthly average of 120 USD is actually not all that bad. Where  my initial (before I started calculations) thoughts were this number to be below the 100 limit: well done! At this stage in my career, this is only just a few percentages of my monthly nett income. My expectation is to grow a bit further in salary, but also to increase the dividends. For now I will anticipate a linear growth of both, keeping the difference percentage about the same.

The same graphs, but for Euros don’t leave any room for imagination. A huge difference exists with the USD portfolio.
Chart 1
Chart 3
There’s not too much to say about the EURO stocks in my portfolio, other than: not my focus. Having said that, I should make sure that somewhere in this format there is space for Stock dividends, because that will make an interesting figure. Next time!

C.Conclusion and Recommendation

With a payment of 106 USD, it would not really be the best investment to purchase some new stocks since there’s about 10USD commision on each transaction (both ways). Thanks to some successful sales earlier this month, there’s a little room. Should any nice opportunities open up I’m going after them. In order to keep a well spread portfolio, it may be wise to allow some new names in. The search for these will be written down somewhere around theDutchlakehouse.

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