Wednesday, 7 December 2016

56. Tesla to the test!

Already for quite some time I feel like doing something sustainable. Cycling to work is a bit over the top. I don’t want my shirt to get wrinkled and there’s no showers at the office I work in (other than the eye showers for accidents in our technical workshop). So that’s my excuse for wishing to drive a green car.

Where Tesla’s model S basic version is classed just over 80.000 euros actually owning one is likely to remain a dream for a bit longer. But heck, I’ve got all kinds of ideas to pump figures in the right direction.

A quick chart of purchase prices for Tesla models in the Netherlands:

Model S (70kwh)
€ 84.100, --
Model S (70kwh dual motor)
€ 89.700, --
Model S (90kwh dual motor)
€ 103.900, --
Model S (90kwh Performance Dual Motor)
€ 126.400, --

To calculate ANY costs for utilisation of an electrical car, a huge factor is the location where it is refuelled. This isn’t too much of a difference as with regular old-school-dirty-cars. Although, in percentages this is quite different. The next table gives figures of a comparison page as drawn up for Dutch consumers. I believe rates shown are only advisory, also in the Netherlands it’s heavily dependent on location of the gas station what you’re paying. Even though intermediate distances in between different gas stations hardly ever exceed a few kilometres. I know from the top of my head already 3 locations with a price range of 30cts/L!

A quick glance at the boards for fuel prices per L in the Netherlands:
Looking at the price per Km, this follows from a previous post: the Commute Gold mine! Me in my 16 year old VW Golf (without all the snazzy computers and emission monitoring software etc), I make a 0.08€  drive per km possible. Ok, looking at fuel costs only.

Comparing some figures from the internet of driving electric now. Since I have never actually stood at a recharge station near the speedway I have no clue of prices here and will have to go with what the internet gives me. To get to a reasonable figure, I’ll match these to an average for further calculations.  
The calculated figures give a 0.05€ per km.
Actually quite a shocking number, because somewhere I had expected this to be lower.

Becoming a bit frightened of what this will do to my arguments of why I had to buy a Tesla (this has been and will be) an ongoing discussion between the Mrs. and me at the Dutch lake house. So, here it goes. Taking the following costs in account (symplified):

Tesla S 70kwh
Purchase price

Insurance (year)
taxes (year)
Fuel / Recharge costs at current estimate of similar distance (year) estimate roughly set at 26000 km's

Subtotal yearly operational costs

Though there is no taxes to be paid owning a Tesla, another big factor (besides the initial investment) is the insurance. Especially compared to the insurance fee on my 16 year old VW. OK, these might not be in the same league but still. A car is a car so I’m comparing only apples. What is quite obvious from the table above already: with my VW the operational yearly costs exist for almost a 75% from fuel costs versus a 51% recharge costs with my Tesla. Good to know! To know when the break even point between my VW and the Tesla S 70kwh is met the following is assumed:
  • The yearly fitness test for new cars is once every 2 years in NL, older models require looking at every year. My guess is however, the price for this checkup of a Tesla costs more than 2 times the average price for checking my VW (about 50 Eur);
  • Tires cost the same;
  • Maintenance costs are identical.
In those cases, the following graph counts:
Say, we have enrolled for a Tesla today. by the time the car is done and delivered at my doorstep, it’s January 2018 (feeling positive vibes here). According to my earlier calculation, this will result in a break even point in january 2303.

Now, I have a lot of faith in Tesla technology (yes there are a number of shares in my portfolio too). But my virtual Tesla is likely to have worn down on me by that time. I challenge Tesla to prove me wrong.

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