Thursday, 8 December 2016

57. Electric Fentestic

Continuing the route of the electric cars. After the shock of post 56 has settled a little bit I won’t give in too easily. There’s cheaper cars (100% electric) on the market too. So why limit ourselves in this equation to what unintentionally seems to have become a Roast-of-Tesla.

In order to make a slightly less coloured investigation. I have taken a random top 10 of electric vehicles.  
Some important notes to this equation,
  • Where a range is given in purchase prices: the highest limit will be used in this calculation. Personally I have not often come across situations where all of a sudden the cheapest option was exactly what I needed.
  • Exchange rate of today (7-12-2016).
  • Recharge amounts and values are from the same source as in previous post.
  • No taxes are to be paid for 100% electric in the Netherlands (virtually obviously thiss will change when these cars will become more common).

As seen in the previous post on this subject, the insurance budget is a considerable factor in the equation to calculate Return on Investment time. To get accurate figures here I have contacted the insurance company I am with for my VW. In all fairness, this is not the cheapest insurance but hey, service has a price. In the past this company has proven to be there when needed so I’m loyal here.

In order to present a graph that is still clear and not too cluttered with data, I have left out some cars from the equation already. In the next chart, we’re going to find out what the break even points will be comparing operational costs to my Golf mk4 from 1999.
That sounds more like it! A Renault Zoe is manageable within this lifetime! From the above, we can find that somewhere between 2028 and 2031 (actually 2029) the cumulative amount of money spend on Zoe has gone under the amount of VW operational costs. Should the initially installed battery pack have survived the 10+ years by then…

Well, all in all, I find this an interesting experiment. Seeing the brochure of this car, it seems like a compact but extremely fit for purpose car. Having 5 doors, a 400km radius and a reasonably green price card too,  it might just be that this is actually a good deal. Where I did find a special offers to this car on UK based pages, I will put my focus back to the Dutch market. Next steps on where to find good Renault Zoe or other electric car bargains (yes, you’re still @ thedutchlakehouse) will follow soon!

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