Saturday, 17 December 2016

61. Multiple income streams round 3

Miniinthebox affiliate programme.

The sweet smell of earning money by other people spending it wisely on Asian products. Actually, the way this programme is set up is really similar to the other referral programme I have enrolled in!

Setting up an account is easy! Fill out the form, agree the conditions and:
Curious thing: in the FAQ I read some discomforting things: first of all, there’s a 100 USD to be made before the payment threshold is met. Chin(a) up :) (couldn’t help it)  we’ll get there, maybe not in this lifetime but sustainable entrepreneurship is to also take into account next generations. How about that, Mr. Optimistic.

A good thing of this particular affiliateship is that it gives room for thought. Literally. It allows for up to 3 days of overthinking of a purchaser after he has clicked the link. Does he (or she!) go for the purchase within that period of time: you’ll get a percentage. Score.

The staffel principle in % commission doesn’t really promise too much for me actually: offering a 9% commission on top of every 1000USD sales per month via your referral links. Auch.

Well, What the heck:) let’s go for it!
After having completed the enrollment, there’s an option to also subscribe to a service called
The only thing I do not seem to find on their webpage is: what costs are there for the subscription? I’m obviously Dutch so we like cheap stuff. Even though we have to invest a little bit over 100% of our own knowledge and resources, we’re going to do it cheap (read: free!) or we’re not doing it. A search for the terms “Cost” “Fee” and even more worrying: “Free” doesn’t return any real comfort.

In the fine print of the services terms I find that there’s another payment threshold (what is that with these companies these days?). So here goes nothing. Having gone through the full document, this service will pay itself by taking a percentage off your referral sales. Let’s see what it will bring.

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