Thursday, 19 January 2017

68. Week 3, Dividend status 2017

Week 3, for now I’m still able to get an update out but then again: this is only week 3. And already now, pressure is building because of the agenda for this period. Travelling around other blogs covering dividends and personal investment strategies I find that there is just as many strategies as there is people around. In a way that is a comforting thought: this also means that it is not as easy to class a Right or Wrong in investment philosophy.  The only thing that counts is: black numbers.

Not having placed any orders this week the portfolio remains unchanged. For now, this month’s lookahead promises a record breaking January. February therefore will become another interesting month for investments having some spare cash. A great thing is that there is a lot of people sharing their complete portfolios (inclusive nett values, for which I am still feeling not certain to do so being a starter with only <31.000 Europese coins out there in the field).

Distributions till date are not too overwhelming as yet but, looking at the forecast, there should still be plenty in the pipeline!
A total of 30 and a bit USD in week 3, whereas exactly today my forecast for month of January alone gave 350+ Eur of nett dividends! Looking forward to that.

I’ll also look to include a yield calculator for my portfolio. might be that there is someone out there that also works with google sheets and who already has a formula prepared for it (and willing to share?). I’ll keep you updated!

Have a great day!