Thursday, 26 January 2017

70. Cash-or-Trash #5 SDIV (Global X Fund)

Long time no see, another update in the search of an ultimate pearl-carrying-oyster. Here’s one that I came across a few days ago and couldn’t stop thinking about: Gobal X funds.

On the main page there’s already a short section called Superdividends! Now we’re talking! A quick word on what is about to follow: all that is written down here is my personal opinion and perception of information. All in all, the information summarized below is the result of exactly 1 hour (yes, lunchbreak-investment decisions) scanning the internet for relevant hits.
Well, in all my naivety I find this a very attentive manner to present high dividend paying components of your company. Now, what I want to know is: is there a catch?
Let’s start off with the SDIV share in a quick chart:

Share price

Distributions per year
Amount of shares
Dividends per distribution
Dividends per year
SDIV has distributed a reasonably stable dividend (looking back as far as mid 2011), although it started in the higher 20s of cents and at the time of writing it has equalled out at 12cts per share per month.
Google news “SDIV” returns a recent (24th of Jan, 2017) article posted on Nasdaq displaying some background and comparing it with high performers with dividend strategies. No bad news here.
Also Investopedia had something to say about the share: apparently it held an underperform status by april 2016.

Thus far, I’m not entirely sure as to what the business of this share exactly is, I don’t get much more information than that it offers “investors exposure to the highest-yielding global equities.” How about that, and still only a 6-and-a-bit-yield in dividends?
At first, the contents of this share are not transparent, but when looking at the Global X corporate website a wealth of details opens up. inclusive of dividends calendar for 2017 already.
I’m not really sure as to what my opinion is of Nuclear power. And I certainly don’t want to start a moral discussion that will ultimately explode in my face. Still, the first hits on Google news (with search term “global x funds”) brings out nothing but “The Uranium ETF Is On Fire, Leads All ETFs In Gains For A Second …” or alike messages.
Super dividends? I expected double digits here. Is that me being spoiled?
With the current successful month of January being almost at it’s end, theres some leftover Dollars dingling around at TheDutchlakehouse. Although the monthly result will only be 2 USD, I have to start somewhere and at some point in time. Knowing that time is only limited for us mortals. And that I want to go for a diversified portfolio… Let’s see, if there’s a possibility to close a deal for 17 pieces to 21.50USD today, I might just go for it.