Friday, 27 January 2017

71. Week 4, Dividend status 2017

This week has been intense. Mixed feelings mostly. Keeping this post strictly down to business, the weeks was pretty good. Having received a proper sum of dividends again, it looks as if all is well. But is it?  

I’m a fan of conspiracy theories. However, I will never show this or discuss in public whatever my opinion might be. I think a good investor should have a certain critical view on the world that is a bit off. Otherwise, if the focus would lie exactly where the masses look, we’d all be wearing the same, eating the same, listening the same etc. But, when national news broadcasts the Doomsday Clock being changed a bit closer to midnight it’s okay to reflect for a minute.

Having a wonderful son also adds in off course.

Okay, as an investor (not really looking into carbon or whatever other footprint a company might have other than dividend distributions) I don’t hold too much leverage. But I can think of ways to change my personal course a bit further...

Let’s get some figures for this month. Knowing there’s still (some) dividends in the pipeline makes me think this is going to be a really successful month.