Monday, 30 January 2017

72. January 2017 dividend update Month closed.

January 2017 has been an exceptional month. Having a blog certainly does create an extra virtual incentive to deliver. The incentive being returning views on the blog! Therefore, a big thanks to the supporters, regular visitors and the kind people that have used the Donate button already! Let me share my investing trick with you!

With this update, it seems as if the dividend-strategy for my portfolio is getting back on track. Also, I more or less accepted that a full working format will probably be a little ambitious. Without as much as half a year of experience in keeping track of dividends like this. Hence, it is wise to see this format or template as a process.

Now, my key to success: purely investing. and not throwing in new cash. A lot of colleagues I met invest parts of their paycheck with the aim to grow larger, taller and quicker. Well this does work. But to me, this money should work for itself. The whole idea of this investment adventure for me personally was to let my money work for me.

Not to let the money work and to keep feeding it!

As far as 2 years ago I have put in the last bit of investment and from then on my portfolio is self supporting. Whatever I save up from my paycheck is stored safely on my bank account. Okay, interest rates are worth crying about, we’ve all heard that, but I also prefer to have a direct stash-o-cash on the shelf. There’s too many great plans still in the pipeline (For our lake hosue, travels, whatever! We can).

USD Stocks paying dividends this month

share name
nr of shares
nett. payment

ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Lev Cl-End ETF
HP Inc
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co
Realty Income
Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund
Great Elm Capital Corp
Prospect Capital Corp
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLev Mortg REIT ETN
Etracs Monthly Pay 2xL WF MLP Ex-Energy
New York Mortgage Trust Inc.
Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp
Chimera Investment Corp.
Five Oaks Investment Corp
Dynex Capital Inc.



Google sheets charts

A quick overview of this month in percentages:

The same overview but in absolute figures gives as a bar graph:

Compared to previous Januaries

In relation to the previous January, this is already a 20.1% increase in dividends only. Happy me.