Wednesday, 1 February 2017

73. January 2017 Portfolio update

Being in the process of blog-optimisation, I have applied some mitigation to comments received on earlier posts (Thanks GT!). In the meantime I’ve lost some of my shyness when it comes to absolute figures. The total invested value is quite a significant part of the total picture in a portfolio update. It puts all earnings in perspective.

Portfolio details

January 2017
Threshold in pie graph
Stock heavyweights
Total nr of stocks
Nett portfolio value less than

Where we saw in the January-dividend update that a 400USD clean and after taxes was received. With only below 30.000 EUR invested, a 1,33% of nett portfolio value returned as dividend this month.

Portfolio contents in Pie-graph

Who doesn’t like pie!?
Portfolio spread geographically
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For a full listing of the current portfolio, look here: Click!.

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