Tuesday, 21 February 2017

79. Cash-Or-Trash: TerraForm Global

On the lookout for great investment opportunities I came across an interesting gem that might just be worth taking a closer look. Taking the effort to write a post about it while hoping to share some of this new found intel. Or, to post a bright yellow marker as a warning.

I found this whilst using the Google Finance Stock screener, this is usually found in the Google Finance page on your left hand side. This tool allows you to select and zoom in to all sorts of data. I Love Google for this.
Clicking the Image above shows the stock development since the start not even a year ago. From first sight, it certainly looks like a steady growth over the past months. What I don’t actually understand is the dividends distributed.

About TerraForm Global
TerraForm Global is a renewable energy company that is changing how energy is generated, distributed and owned. TerraForm Global creates value for its investors by owning and operating clean energy power plants in high-growth emerging markets. For more information about TerraForm Global, please visit: www.terraformglobal.com.
Source: Nasdaq.com

Share price

Amount of shares

The stock has proven it is capable of moving in an upward direction for the past months.
Renewable energy (for now) is expected to keep momentum, we’re still looking to supply in a growing demand of energy. Energy being a plus, and Renewable being another plus makes this actually 2 plusses in one statement!
The upcoming exclusivity agreement as discussed on Nasdaq.com., I have seen these kind of actions result in a shakeout. The Motley Fool already hits this nail.
Being eager to keep the scrapheap pile as little as possible.
The name of TerraForm Global comes in the same lines as Sunedison Inc, Which has filed for bankruptcy:

“SunEdison's two publicly traded subsidiaries, TerraForm Power Inc (TERP.O) and TerraForm Global Inc (GLBL.O), are not part of the bankruptcy. In a statement, the companies, known as yieldcos, said they had sufficient liquidity to operate and that their assets are not available to satisfy the claims of SunEdison creditors.”
Source: Reuters.com
Because the Fool also closed their article with an optimistic view, I have put my order out there. waiting for sellers.  Sometimes it’s about having luck and other times, you just take some.