Thursday, 9 March 2017

84. Week 10, Dividend status update 2017

Till date, no dividends were distributed, but there is progress on a number of other passive-income fields bringing in some revenue. All in all, no reason for sad faces here! Although I’m not (yet) enjoying the views as posted by Millennial money, we’ re coming quite close.

Mrs.DutchLakeHouse and myself are currently in the process of approving some architectural ideas for our small quayside. Rigid fencing should be included in the design to keep  BabyJ (who has actually outgrown the title of Baby) and myself safe from the water. In this designing stage, I can only say: I love Google. And a bit of Trimble. For starting the Sketchup programme. A big thanks to the developers of this free and fantastic piece of software.  

The passive income as mentioned earlier doesn’t quite mean easy money. Thus far, a lot of time is invested in the preparatory works. But even though of very low quality my Youtube channel on practicing trumpet playing gets a very regular amount of views per day. On top of that, it has been performing steady over the last 6 months. In a future post I will explain more on this side-hustle of mine.

Back to dividends, distributions that are in the pipeline as today:

Share description
Shares in portfolio
Dividends per share (in native currency)
dividends subtotal (in EUR)

ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Lev Cl-End ETF cash div.
$ 0,2426
Etracs Monthly Pay 2xL WF MLP Ex-Energy cash div.
$ 0,3315
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLev Mortg REIT ETN cash div.
$ 0,0325
HP Inc cash div.
$ 0,14
McDonalds Corp cash div.
$ 0,94
Prospect Capital Corp cash div.
$ 0,09
Realty Income cash div.
$ 0,22
Royal Dutch Shell -A- (stock) keuze div.


The RDSA shares are not calculated here (Euro stocks) but also are these distributed in stock dividends. I’m working on a method monitor these distributions more closely. On the background, exactly a year ago I have left my previous RDSA-tracker (version 0.0) lingering around in one of the many “ Old”  folders on my work-laptop. I totally forgot about this sheet until today and my estimates of RDSA development have been quite OK actually!

The sheet gives an idea on amount of stock dividends to be expected. Without a further investment in RDSA, (and with the current market development of the company) the DLH portfolio will comprise 557 shares of RDSA in Q1 of 2030. Mark my words.  

One thing to look forward to: each dividend distribution will then bring in another 10 shares per quarter! Theoretically speaking, the following figure is (has been) quite realistic. Apparently.

Hope you guys are also enjoying a wonderful day!