Monday, 6 March 2017

83. Week 9, Dividend status update 2017

Week 9 Dividends Update,
Not too much has happened this week. Dividend-wise.  Besides, I’ve introduced some very dear friends (and family) to my hobby of keeping track of my dividend earnings on this blog. In a way, I did not expect this to have this much of an effect on the morale when blogging. Having lost full 100% anonymity, feelings of responsibility have increased by 100%. Now, let’s see what happened to last week’s earnings!

Having introduced some people I know very well (and the other way round) had nothing to do with growing traffic. the number of persons aware of this blog are just too small. It did however make a great deal in the urge to increase continuity and standardize posts. In other words: to present myself in a more structured way.

So in total the week 9 harvest was only just above 25USD, clean off taxes, as per the following figures.
looking at the absolute dividend figures, it appears that my decision to get into the HCP company was quite OK. For now.
During one of the hours and hours of strolling down the (sometimes shadier parts of investment oriented internet) I found a quote of a Mr. Ray Krock (one of the founding fathers of the McDonalds fast-food chain as we know it):

Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.

From a business perspective, this may be spot on. Personally, luck is harder to explain.

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