Monday, 3 April 2017

88. Week 13, Dividend status update 2017

Living on the edge.
Not a life changing one (yet), not by any means a dangerous one. But still an edge, apparently containing a small narrow road uphill. And a steep and very deep rocky bottom on the left. The road to become a successful entrepreneur is full of risks. Say: an attractive challenge to be on the quest to become an ACTUAL entrepreneur. Whereas of lately, blogging joined my portfolio as a means of safety valve. Just to vent excess steam.

Already for months I’ve got a great autobiographical piece just shouting from its shelf. Each time I walked past it whispered (at first) some cheeky words. As of lately, it has become shouting and no more nice words: it only repeats the title: HOW TO GET RICH. So I couldn’t resist off course. Haven’t finished it yet, but just how cheesy that title sounds: that is how good I find it. Must read. Period. The book was amongst the best of December presents of last year:).

Great work, made by a great example. Sad to learn the man passed on just a few years ago.

This week only 1,49 worth of Five Oaks Investment Corp were shared.. That’s all folks!