Monday, 10 April 2017

90. Week 14, Dividend status update 2017

Just for how long can we continue?
Not relating this question to my blog, because since the revived visitors numbers this blog is  experiencing since a few months it charged an internal battery. Figuratively speaking. Not to mention the spirit of the “How to get rich book” that still buzzes around in my head.

Again, a boring week for the books. Hewlett packard Enterprise Co left some 6 dollars lingering about. That, being the bombshell of this week, emphasises the necessity to stay on the lookout for another side hustle.

Side hustle. I find it a great word. But, when actually having to invest time (besides the day time job) it may feel as if the sacrifice for a small profit is huge. Especially when also running a family and not holding back on any fun-time with them. Not having checked or calculated anything: on average the 80-20 rule might apply. 80 percent of the effort ultimately results in 20 percent of the total revenue (on your bank account).

Note to self: do not underestimate the importance of a happy family, no matter what profits the side hustle is bringing in.

The easiest ways to get some additional income off course is to start off a “real” job on the side, next to the day time job. Despite of what all of the other blogs are offering on ULTIMATE SIDE-HUSTLING-TIPS (Which are actually always written like that) I’m not going to walk dogs or fill out inquiry forms that will haunt your mailbox forever. Period.

My list of extra coin is not too extensive, but at least the items below can be counted as semi-steady. Semi because they’re not official paychecks.

Adsense: youtube partnership;
Adsense: blogs;
Ebay: reselling items;

Frankly, the effort vs revenue comparison is way out of proportion here. In 2 lists:

Time invested
Revenue generated
Adsense: blogs
Ebay: reselling items
Ebay: reselling items
Adsense: youtube partnership
Adsense: youtube partnership
Adsense: blogs

Most definitely, the intention of blogging is not really to make money from my posts nor from the advertorials on the side. I am 100% positive there are other places where these ads are better placed, and are displayed to more interested audience. But still, they are not here without reason. EVERY blog displays ads (or at least, almost every blog) hence, it is only a method to look more or less professional to me. No wonder they don’t generate actual revenue.

On top of all this, I’m not at all disappointed about me not having a 6-figure income from blogging as yet! I enjoy every little cherry falling from the tree, but I prefer larger fruits.

To be continued.