Friday, 14 April 2017

91. Week 15, Dividend status update 2017

Writing week 15  already! In % that is already over 25 into 2017. Time does fly. During the countless moments I’m stuck in entrepreneurotic thoughts on how I want to own my own business I forget how easy we get old.

As mentioned earlier on, I’m not going to walk any dogs nor fill out questionnaires etc. My OWN business, making money for it’s own. Every  hour invested should pay off. And don’t be afraid, this is not going to be the 99999th blog promising the ULTIMATE LIST OF SIDEHUSTLES YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT MISS OUT FROM. If you only click links here, here and here. where each link normally refers you to another part of the same site. Doing so creates a nice bit of traffic on your site. that must be true.

I’m not going to turn sour here, and I should definitely allow everyone to make their own mistakes. At their own respective pace.

Looking back at some of my major mistakes in investing reminds me of how quickly the hard earned money went down the drain, at some times by buying not even too speculative stocks. The world’s ELDEST bank (yeah you, MONTE) is practically vacated now that I got myself in? For real?

Huge disclaimers usually should set off a 20ft air horn behind your conscience.

Good news for this week, my few shares of Fortum Oyj have paid out a reasonable 16 Euros of dividends. May be a bit early in the year, but my expectations were aimed a bit too high for this years distributions. But then again, I should not forget that this portfolio is completely self supporting and not funded by adding any other resources.