Wednesday, 19 April 2017

92. April 2017 Portfolio update

A few interesting movements have passed since last portfolio update (I believe it was January?). The majority of the portfolio remains unchanged, however, the dividend tracking tool is still under construction. I might even refer to it as my personal Sagrada Familia. But hey, it keeps a man off the streets! Here’s a brand new portfolio update!

Portfolio details

In order to display a clear comparison, these are the variables as found in the found in the previous Portfolio update.

January 2017
april 2017
Threshold in pie graph
Stock heavyweights
Total nr of titles in portfolio
Nett portfolio value less than

All in all in only 3 months time a 4k increase in net portfolio value (approx). Hopefully this speed is not just a short burst!

Portfolio contents in Pie-graph

Who doesn’t like pie!? Back in January, the distribution was as follows:
Where the April distribution is as below:  


  • A 4 k increase in total portfolio value since last update;
  • 1 share passed the 700 euro threshold to make it into the stock heavyweights pie charts (as above) without further investing;
  • Total amount of share positions grew from 29 to 32: diversification;
  • Shell and Chimera remain the top heavyweights of the portfolio;

As of this month, I have been pointed towards a new broker program. As it looks now, there is only a ⅕ of the transaction costs compared to where I trade at this moment. Sure thing I’m going to investigate a little further. Could very well be Bye Bye Binckbank soon!