Friday, 28 April 2017

94. Week 17, Dividend status update 2017

How odd, just now that this calculation sheet is working for the exported data that my current broker spits out… I found a cheaper house dealer! Not yet talking logos brand names here, but most definitely I’m going to get rid of the green. In this case, not referring to green as money (unless we’re talking transaction fees)!

This will probably result in the requirement to build a second sheet to keep track of all developments in the portfolio. Now that we’re talking changes, I’m about to introduce a new update format to this blog where the monthly updates also will include for how far away the goals still are. Looking forward to display the first one for this month!

April dividends are looking flaming hot again. Today’s figures are getting awfully close to the all time high records as set in 2014. Little did I know that the companies providing such dividends were actually eating their own shares. Long story short: that’s how the scrapheap page of this blog is built.

Apparently, it’s impossible to bake an omelette without breaking eggs.

Looking at the yearly April comparisons, our current month is going for a proper run in the last days. Talking about increased fabricating this update on a laptop that only holds a 2 minute battery capacity left.

First world problems.