Tuesday, 23 May 2017

98. Week 21, Intermediate Dividend status update 2017

A short week this was! Ascension day has changed this Thursday into a day off for the Dutch working class. Early on in the week something funny happened: all of a sudden and without any notice upfront the visitor counter of my blog kept quiet. For a looong time. Well, lucky for me that this blog is not entirely build to create an income (although I did make another 0.50$ last week, thanks so much!). The other surprise was the amount of dividends totalling my month of May till date. A 66% increase (as opposed to last 05-’16) is SIGNIFICANT at the least.

The dividends paid this week (written Tuesday May 23) are given in the table shown below:

share name
nr of shares in portfolio
nett. payment


Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLev Mortg REIT ETN
Etracs Monthly Pay 2xL WF MLP Ex-Energy
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Lev Cl-End ETF
HCP Inc.

Now, of these 5, the MORL share is the absolute yield buster of my portfolio. Till date I really hvae been more than happy with this share. It’s been in my portfolio ever since 2013, all 145 pieces of it. Imagine the profits I could have made if I had reinvested in this one each time over and over. Hold on there, the holding back from reinvesting here was actually done on purpose:

Back then, I was new to the business of dividend investing and (still) getting the dust off my shoulders of 2008. So before this lagoon was entered with a spectacular all-or-nothing face-first dive it was decided to first explore the depths and surroundings. This time. Now that the share has been performing reasonably well over time it is time for a re-investment strategy. Now that my calculation model also includes for a prospective (running) yield for the current year I am more confident in making these kind of decisions.

In absolute values the graph for this week gives:
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